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controlit 11-07-1999 04:07 PM

I know many people seem very happy with the 2500 Draper screen.

But if you have a pitch black room with a high quality bright projector why would you need the high gain of the 2500?

I thought the 2500 was for situations when a completely darkened room is impossible or impractical.

I'm using a Barco 808 with a Da-Lite 1.3 gain screen. The size is about 99" wide and 106" diagonal. I used to have a Stewart 4:3 1.5 gain screen that I sold.

I regret buying the Da-Lite screen. I really can't stand it. It has this annoying sparkly quality. It looks like my kids glitter which I also hate to have around the house.

From the first day I bought the screen I was more 'aware' of it than the Stewart.

I remember Home Theater Magazine reviewed my exact screen and gave it a 100% rating. This was after I bought the screen so at least I didn't buy it from their recommendation.

I've never read a posting from anyone who has as strong negative feelings about Da-Lite.

I recently upgraded to Deniz's 'old' Barco 808 and am extremely happy with the increased brightness and resolution from my 7" CRT.

In my dedicated pitch black room should I consider the 2500? Or just get another Stewart 1.3 or 1.5 screen?


DMan 11-07-1999 08:06 PM

I think for many, the increased amount of brightness, contrast and vivid colors are a great reason for choosing a M2500.

The M2500 will also allow you to decrease your projector's brightness settings, which is a great way to add more years usage to any CRT projector.

The Academy Home Theater

David Bott 11-08-1999 04:10 AM

Let us not forget it does not have any "Spray On" reflective that gives you that "annoying sparkly quality".

THe material itself has the gain to it and throws a wonderful picture back at you.

David Bott
It's A World Of Entertainment...Experience It!
AV Science Webmaster

Jim Ferguson 11-08-1999 04:48 AM

I have the Da-Lite 1.3 gain screen, and the sparklies are driving me bats.

Deniz Mutlu has kindly offered to let me come over to his place and check out his new Draper 2500 with the Barco 1208. I just may be making the switch after the first of the year...

controlit 11-08-1999 09:59 PM

Thanks for the responses guys.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a problem with the 'glitter'.

Isn't it interesting how Home Theater Magazine managed to miss mentioning this.

So David, it's a spray on coating? That explains how it got there. I guess Stewart screens are on a whole other level.


Mark Rejhon 11-12-1999 06:22 AM

At unoptimal viewing positions, the M1300 is much better - the M2500 can become slightly more dim at very-off-axis viewing positions.

The ideal viewing situation for an M2500 is when you're sitting at opposite angles with the projector and you're sitting center - like when the projector is above your head and you're sitting underneath. The M1300 is also more suitble than the M2500 if you are floor-mounting your projector.

The M2500 allows me to double my screen surface area while reducing contrast from 70% to 60% at the same time. It's also one of the only few easy ways to get a reasonably good looking picture if your home setting requires an "insane" size such as 10 feet wide or even more, as long as you're able to put seating at the ideal viewing position.

As a very rough rule of thumb, you can drive an M2500 screen that's 50% wider than a 1.0 gain screen, and still get roughly the same brightness per square feet! (Multiply ISF recommended dimensions by 1.5 and you know what I mean). Especially when your home theater setting requires you to exceed ISF recommendations - the M2500 is the big old favourite for this daring feat around here.

Mark Rejhon

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shelly 11-12-1999 07:58 AM

Hi Mark, Given your setting of the projector mounted above me and sitting centered below in the sweet spot...

Would the persons just to my left and to my right on the couch (we're all 14 feet from the screen) also have an optimal view of the M2500 screen, one that is 52 x 92? Or would these others begin to see a dimmer picture on the sides of the screen?

Mark Rejhon 11-12-1999 10:36 AM

The picture to the sides is actually pretty acceptable - just don't sit TOO far to the sides. A 3 person couch facing the 16:9 screen for a viewing distance about 1.5 to 2.0 times screen width, will still be great for the persons sitting at the ends of the couch. While sitting at the edge of the couch, the videophile will notice a slight difference in brightness between the left/right ends of the screen mainly during bright or white scenes, while most average users (like, maybe your loved one and your kids?) won't even notice a thing. Just put the videophile in the center http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

Mark Rejhon

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