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Christopher Calder 11-16-1999 10:08 PM

Who makes the best rear projection screens for HDTV? I want a 125" 3:4 ratio solid plastic screen to use with a very bright LCD projector in the 1,000 to 2,000 lumens range. I am considering the Draper Diamond series screen. Any suggestions? Is it better than the Da-lite or Stewart? Is it cheaper?

noah katz 11-19-1999 04:04 PM


I was quoted US$8K for a 45" X 80" DNP screen - out of the question!

Are you familiar with the SLP screen:

I'm planning on getting a digital projector with a short-throw lens (1:1 or maybe even .8:1).



Christopher Calder 11-19-1999 04:30 PM


Thanks for the information. The projectors I am now considering have varying output.

all SXGA units

NEC=750 lumens
JVC=1,000 lumens
Boxlight=an incredible 2,300 lumens!

Would the 750 lumens output of the NEC unit make a 125" screen with a gain of 3 (according to the specs on your link) be equal in brightness to a brand new 50" rear projection TV by Sony or Mutsubishi?

Have you actually seen one of these new screens with a picture on it?


DoyleS 11-19-1999 05:18 PM

We evaluated a number of different Rear Screen materials at our church and recently installed 2 6'x 8' Stewart OptiScreens. In the Bay Area we were able to go to the Chevron Board room in San Francisco and see there setup. They had originally been using a gain of 1 screen but had complaints about the brightness from people sitting back in the room. They went with the Stewart Optiwave. The OptiScreens are a high gain (5.0) screen with a reltatively wide viewing angle. They are very pricey screens at around $12K each list, this compares to about $2500 each for equivalent size gain of 1 screens. They are extremely bright and being driven 1200 lumen LCD projectors. The auditorium can have the house lights up all the way without detracting from the picture. Clearly this is not a home theater situation but some of the information may be useful. An interesting point that we noticed was that the higher the gain, the blacker the blacks appeared. Essentially the contrast ratio improved with gain. Please feel free to email me directly if you have other questions.
..Doyle <doyle@gigatest.com>

noah katz 11-19-1999 07:15 PM


No, the only rear screens I've seen are on production RPTV's.


Higher gain (i.e., directional) can improve blacks because less ambient light is reflected diffusely from the screen.


noah katz 11-21-1999 04:41 PM


That's a tempting offer, but for all the construction hassle I'm going to go through, I want to take the biggest step up in size (now 61" 4:3) that I can.

Making sure I understand the design: So the screen is a Fresnel element backing a flat tinted diffusion element? Presuming the Fresnel grooves are facing back, how about using optical cement (a lot, I guess) or some other transparent adhesive, to bond the two layers together? This could improve optical performance even more. I guess this could be a big job, though, what with the risk of air bubbles.



Christopher Calder 11-22-1999 03:38 PM


I got a preliminary price quote from The Screen Works for a 96" (3 x 4?) "SLP lenticular diffused rear projection screen" with a peak gain of 3. for $1,875.00, plus shipping and handling. They said that was the biggest size screen they had with high gain but they do make a cheaper model with sizes up to 125" for $1,360.00, plus shipping and handling. I really want a bigger size, at least 105" width (have now decided to go with 9 x 16), so its not the screen for me but others may find it of interest. It costs about 25% as much as a DNP screen.

noah katz 11-22-1999 04:57 PM


Thanks for the info! That's just a few inches smaller than I wanted, so I'll check into it.


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