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gireesh 11-20-1999 08:04 PM

I am in the market for a 80"x60" fixed wall screen to use with NEC LT140 projector that is rated at 800 ANSI Lumens. Based on several posts in other parts of the AVS Forum, I had decided on an ST130, when Alan Gouger suggested that I check out VuTec. They have an 1.5 Gain Brite White Wall Screen of the exact size I am looking for. Has anyone used the VuTec screens. What are your opinions about this screen ?

The biggest advantage with VuTec is that the factory is a mere 20 minute drive away from where I live !!!

Thanks in advance for your advice.


Li On 11-21-1999 08:26 AM

Hi Gireesh,

Alan is right. Vutec screen is great! I'm using a 84" (diagonal) 4:3 Vutec fixed screen with 1.5 gain BriteWhite material. IMO the screen performance is excellent. Every bit as good as (if not better than!) friend's ultra expensive Stewart's 1.5 gain electric roll up screen. I sit only 6' away from the 4' high screen and I'm very picky about picture quality but the Vutec screen just looks prefect!


Li On

controlit 11-23-1999 09:05 PM

How about the Vutech's frame? Is it comparable to the Stewart? I love the Stewart screen with the black velvet around the edges. It looks like a class act.

I'm deciding between an M2500 or possibly a Stewart screen around 92" wide 45" high.

I currently have a Dalite 99" wide 55" high 1.5? gain.

The room is dedicated to HT so light is not a concern.


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