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gireesh 12-24-1999 01:06 PM

I have a 3M MP8750, 1500 ANSI Lumen DLP showing up in a few hours, if FedEx can drive next 10 miles without screwing up... then again it is Christmas Eve and who knows!!!

Any way, while I will be buying a VuTec Wall screen, I want to experiment where and how big to project on 12' tall, 11' wide wall. Maximum width that I can probably use is 80" without fighting with my wife... so, what sort of paint can I use to paint this wall so that colors are not all that off till I decide on a size and location. Any help will be appreciated.


David Levinson 12-24-1999 05:43 PM

FLAT, pure white paint. Also called MATTE. Do not use a gloss paint. You may also find a super white or titanium white paint. Just make sure it is FLAT, not gloss.

gireesh 12-24-1999 07:40 PM

Thanks for your help. I guess I will be the only one shopping for paint day after Christmas... I am sure I will be asked "Isn't it kind of late ?". But who cares!


gireesh 01-02-2000 01:11 PM

Thanks for all your input. I bought a quart of Ralph Lauren Design Studio White Interior Matte for $8.99 from Home Depot. I was very pleased with the results. Eagles Hell Freezes Over DVD has lots of whites and solid colors.... I was amazed by the quality of color reproduction by this paint, when combined with 3M-MP8750 projector, which has been quoted as having slight yellowish tint to its white!!!

Emil Naepflein 01-07-2000 08:37 AM

Hi gireesh,

now we are three people (you, Falk and me) having this projector. I hope you enjoy it.

I just mounted my new specially designed Da-Lite cosmopolitan screen (16:9 with a lot of black top and bottom drop and extra wide black masking at the sides) and I am very happy with it. Be sure to have a black masking arround the screen to suppress the slightly bright area around the image. I would certainly recommend to go with a 16:9 screen or when money is no object http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif , with a 4:3 screen and motorized masking from top and bottom to adapt the visable screen to the aspect ratio. This gives a much better appearance of the image.


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