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Gunnar 01-09-2000 06:41 AM

My projector (old Barco 600, about 600 lumens peak white)is ceiling mounted in my living room, and now I`m using a DaLite Model B pulldown screen. I`m not satisfied with the DaLite screen, because it will not lay flat. It has severeal vertical folds that is visible when watching DVDs. Since during the summer it is difficult to control the ambient light, I would like to get a screen with some gain. I also think that a permanently tensioned screen would be the best.

After reading the screen threads here at this forum I think I`ll need a reflective screen. The only material I know so far is the Draper M2500, but I can`t find it in Norway. Probably very expensive to have it shipped from the US. Is it possible to get only the material without the frame? I plan to make a simple frame from wood, and simply attach the screen material with staples. Then put some nice wood lists on top to stabilize and decorate the frame.

Are there other good reflective screen materials with at least some gain?

I can get glass beaded screen material here in Oslo at about $50 /meter (1.83 metres wide), but are all glassbeaded material retro reflective? If so will I still benefit from some of the ~2.5 gain if my projector is ceiling mounted?
The screen center will be about 1.5 meter above the floor, projector lenses about 2.2 meter above the floor, projector distance from screen is about 2.7 meter, and viewing distance is about 4 metres.

I can also get some "professional cinema" material (also about 2.5 gain)at about $160 /square meter. This material is not glassbeaded, but I don`t know if it`s reflective.

Hope someone has some advice or comments


Mark Rejhon 01-15-2000 08:56 PM

Because of the laws of physics, glass beads are always retro-reflective. There may also be reflectiveness built into the screen but the addition of glass beads always add retro-reflective properties to the screen.

>>"Probably very expensive to have it shipped from the US."

It's cheaper than you think for a wall mounted M2500. My M2500 and its frame was all very tightly packaged in a surprisingly lightweight package.

It takes up only as much space as the screen rolled up. The box is about only about 10 inch by 10 inch by the screen height, and it's lighter than you think. The frame slips in the gaps inside the box holding the rolled-up screen.

Your best bet is to ask AVSCIENCE. I think you can get the screen shipped at a reasonable price. It will be much more expensive than shipping a small parcel but it certainly won't be several hundred dollars that people pay for having CRT projectors shipped overseas http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif Shipping may add a fair bit of the price but Alan Gouger usually has discounts (relative to many other retailers) on the M2500 that covers international shipping. Just ask!

My opinion: Avoid high gain glass beaded screens for cieling mounted projectors. Go with the M2500 even if you have to ship it internationally. They are more lightweight and more compactly packaged than you think.

Mark Rejhon

[This message has been edited by Mark Rejhon (edited January 15, 2000).]

Gunnar 01-17-2000 01:48 AM

Thanks for the replies!
I came across Alan Gougers directions for a DIY curved screen at this forum some days ago. I find the properties of a curved screen (enhance contrast, reduce hotspotting)interesting, and will perhaps try to make one myself. A lot more work than to just order a complete Cineperm/M2500 screen, but also fun (in my opinion...) to make something.

The M2500 material will probably still be a good choice for covering the thin plywood.

I have e-mailed Draper to ask if glue will harm the material/what glue to use.


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