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ClaudeD 02-02-2000 11:41 AM

I plan on a home theater with a 16:9 screen (8' x 4.5', or 110" diagonal) at 1.3 gain. The projector will be a Sony G90, with a Princeton Graphics DVD player, hopefully at 960p @120Hz (which should be plenty bright).
Is the screen too large if my main seating will be at ~11 ft? There's probably another row at >15 feet, but that will be an acoustically disadvantaged row (i.e., up against the back wall) and will be used only when the 4 primary seats are filled.

At 11 feet, if my math is correct, that will be a 40 degree view for 16:9 material. Is that too much?


Brett 02-02-2000 12:53 PM


From what I've gathered in other posts, the viewing distance is only a problem when you get too close and start seeing scan lines.

With the very high resolution you are planning, one can only imagine that if well calibrated, closer viewing will not reveal unsightly lines but instead will immerse you in an impression of a much wider screen.

Let us know how it turns out.




Dean McManis 02-02-2000 02:30 PM


I have a Sony 1292Q (the G90's predecessor) and a 138" 16:9 screen viewed at 14' with DVDs scaled to 1080p.

At less than 12' I can see scan lines with 1080i HD material, but not 1280 X 720p scaled DVDs.

You would probably be fine with your viewing distance and screen size with HD material and scaled DVDs, but laserdisc,VHS, and regular DSS would show scanlines at 11'.

I have a setting on my projector that compresses the picture to about 90" diagonal for watching those lower resolution sources with just a line doubler used.


ClaudeD 02-03-2000 07:51 AM

Dean & Brett,

Thanks for your replies. I only plan on using DVD and (hopefully) HDTV as sources for this theater. "Regular" TV can be watched downstairs on the Toshiba TW65G80 (poor, neglected children of mine http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif ).

I might be able to squeeze another half foot or so of space; I'm hoping it will be 11.5 to 12 feet. This would all work much better if my wife didn't insist that the room be able to function (very rarely) as a guest bedroom. So, even though the external dimensions are 19 x 17, by the time I get a stairway, door, Owens Corning sound treatment, racks, futon, etc. in place, I was concerned about the scan lines.
I'm somewhat reassured, but I'll consider reducing the screen size by 10% or so -- it should still be a very cinematic experience.


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