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gages 02-05-2000 04:58 PM

How does one determine the correct screen gain when ordering a new screen.

I just received a Vutec Matte White screen w/ a 1.0 gain it was supposed to have been the 1.3 fabric but they messed up the order.

I am concerned that I may need a higher gain.

My configuration is as follows:

Screen size = 59 x 89
Seating distance = 12ft
Projector Distance = 17'
Projector Type = DILA (rated at 1000 Lumens but more likely ~500 lumens)


Donald Bennett 02-13-2000 01:24 PM


fL = (AL x SG) / ((SWI x (SWI x 0.67)) / 144)

AL = Ansi Lumens
SG = Screen gain
SWI = Screen Width in Inches
fL = Footlamberts (10 recommended minimum for front projection).

This takes into consideration the phosphor utilization even with widescreen aspect ratios.


Donald Bennett 02-13-2000 01:27 PM


Should have been:

fL = (AL x SG) / ((SWI x (SWI x 0.75)) / 144)

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