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kenh 02-20-2000 12:06 PM

I am at situation where I had to mount my screen over a bay window 90"w by 60"h, I have a datlite model B and when I pull it down the light from outside comes threw the screen and i noticed that the light from the projector is going threw it also. I listen to music in the same room so i would like the window to be clear when the screen is up so i can look out will I am listening. any ideas thanks.

Donald Bennett 02-20-2000 12:29 PM

When I purchased my Stewart screen I had them put blackout material behind the screen material, which they did at no extra cost. This greatly increases the contrast ratio due to light that normally goes through the screen and reflects back being absorbed.

I don't know if you can add blackout material to your screen or not, call the screen manufacturer and ask if it can be done.

Good Luck, Don

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