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John Tuohy 02-17-2000 07:48 PM

I have had a fixed mount screen for over a year. My wife is a smoker and we often set off our smoke alarms when cooking. When is the time to change screens. It does not look as pristine as when I originally purchased it. I have noticed a slight drop in brightness but my CRT's are about a year old as well.

John Tuohy

LeeAntin 02-20-2000 11:35 PM


The drop in brightness is definitely due to the CRT decay of the projector. This is normal. They will lose about 25% over the first year and then settle in. There is no way to stop this.


Dean McManis 02-21-2000 02:35 PM


Many screens are washable with a mild soap and water, but make sure from the screen manufacturer that yours is washable first.

But Lee is probably right that your light dropoff issue is because of the natural break-in of the CRTs.


John Tuohy 02-21-2000 08:10 PM


I am still waiting for madanoa to call me regarding Pat Rileys Meridian set up. I wonder if she smokes....

Mike2 02-22-2000 05:01 AM

With all that smoke, remember to check your screen carefully for burn-in.


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