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Christopher Calder's Avatar Christopher Calder 06:23 PM 02-29-2000
Has anyone seen the new DNP rear projection data screen with a gain of 1.5? Is it better than their high gain screens with a gain of 3.5? Which would be better for a 120" diagonal 4:3 screen with a 1500 lumen rear projector. I want to be able to watch it in daylight with lights on.
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noah katz's Avatar noah katz 08:58 PM 02-29-2000

As a general rule higher gain screens are better at rejecting ambient light than lower gain ones because the directionality works on both reflected and transmitted light.

I just checked their site and don't see anything described as a "data" screen. If you mean their "graphics" screen, they say it's only available up to 87".

If there is a new "data" screen, coould you please direct me to the information you found? I'm going to be doing RP as well.


Christopher Calder's Avatar Christopher Calder 09:44 PM 02-29-2000
The Draper IRUS—Infinite Resolution Uniformity Screen is what I was referring to. I have heard it also called a "data screen" and I believe in is made by DNP. It is available up to 120" diagonal. Their DNP "Diamond screen" has a gain of 3.5. I wonder at 120" size if it would distort the image at the edges if veiwed from 1.5 times screen width which would be 1.5 times 97" = 12.125 feet.
noah katz's Avatar noah katz 11:33 PM 02-29-2000
Ah, I've got a sample of the IRUS that I'll be trying with Mark Foster's D-ILA on Thursday evening.

I'm not sure what you mean by distorting; the big concern for me is hotspotting w/o a Fresnel. The Diamond screen has one so it should be fine (but at many times the price, I think).

Christopher Calder's Avatar Christopher Calder 01:35 AM 03-01-2000
Hotspoting was what I was talking about. What is the price difference between the 3.5 gain DNP screen and the new 1.5 gain screen? Sounds like your saying the 1.5 gain screen is cheaper.
noah katz's Avatar noah katz 11:11 AM 03-01-2000

If I remember correctly (Dalite use to list prices but don't anymore), the Diamond screen in your size was >$10K. I'm guessing the IRUS will be about $3-4K. The cost difference is because a Fresnel is a giant lens with finely pitched profiled grooves, whereas the IRUS and other diffusion screens are essentially an amorphous coating on a substrate.

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