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kjohn 03-01-2000 08:27 PM

I want to change my screen to a 16:9 from a 4:3 84" diagonal screen but I don't want to have to move the projector which is a NEC 6 pg can anyone tell me what size I must have made to keep the 67.5" inch wide measurement but get a 16:9 ratio on the height. Or better yet what would be the diagonal size be keeping the 67.5 wide measurement and can I get it custom made. Would making a screen be very costly.

LeeAntin 03-02-2000 04:51 AM


If you would like to retain the same width then your 16x9 screen would be 67.5 x 38 inches.

Divide 67.5 by 16 = 4.22. Then multiply 4.22 by 9 = 37.98 or 38 inches.

You can go to Stewart Filmscreen Corp to order any size screen. If you use a fixed type screen with 1.3 gain, it should cost about $700.

You would not have to move the projector as your width will be the same. See my comment in the CRT projector Forum.


LeeAntin 03-02-2000 02:55 PM


You might want to consider calling Stewart to see if you can buy the raw screen material without the metal frame or the snaps that are on the screen.

You can build a frame out of wood, paint it flat black then stretch/staple the screen material to the back of the frame. Nice and tight is the rule. Then match up where your vertical 2x4's are on the wall that you are going to hang the screen, use a few washer/spacers so the screen is 1/4 away from the wall and screw frame to wall. Top and bottom.

Stewart has a website. I think it is www,stewartfilmscreen.com but I am not sure.

Hope this helps,


jdb 03-02-2000 09:30 PM

Thanks for your post.
I logged on looking for the same info.
I plan on stretching canvas over a wood frame, paint it blk., and then white for image size.
I do not have $700 for a "real" screen right now. And maybe it wont suck too bad when I am done.

Thanks for the math equation.
My happy size was also 67 1/2".
E mail me if you find hidden horrors or a better way to catch the mouse, eh? JDB.

Dean McManis 03-03-2000 03:17 PM


Your materials for a home made screen are probably going to be around $150, and you can probably get a Draper M1300 screen for around twice as much. Check with Alan here at AV-Science for a price quote.


jdb 03-05-2000 06:04 PM

I have a small scene shop here in Tulsa. I work around this stuff all the time and wind up with the goods from a show stacked up in the back. The one screen Ive made looks very impressive and with the loaner crt. I have no complaints.
Cost = 2 hrs. fun labor.
But it does make for a different prob. ie, 4:3 format jumps off the screen. I worked at the formats backwards and the "look" I wanted makes for more work now swapping sreens. Feel rather stupid not finding an easy answer before now...
Thanks, jdb.

Mark Rejhon 03-06-2000 09:59 PM

Don't forget that many tensioned screens have a 2 inch border around them - if you're mounting a screen between bulkheads on a wall, then you'll need to compensate for this.

Mark Rejhon

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