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Paul Bruckner 04-06-2000 11:15 AM

I decided to start a new thread with this question. I had it buried in another post.

I'm confused.... or maybe its just still to early in the am. would someone clarify if my assumptions are correct on this.

LCD/DLP projector with keystone correction, ceiling mounted, a few inches above the top of a 16:9 52x92 screen (actually right between two ceiling joists in my basement) with a throw distance of approx. 12ft.

Now if I want to display a 4:3 image on this screen, the sides are cropped/resized but the height remains the same.

Now if I did not want the sides cropped/resized, I could go with a 4:3 retractable screen with width of 92" and a height of I think 72" or somewhere there abouts.

And if I was watching a 16:9 DVD, I could just retract the screen to 92"x52" ?

All this can be done without having to change the focus or position of the projector???

Thanks for the insight.

Best Regards,
Paul Bruckner

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