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Joel 04-17-2000 10:53 PM

I requested samples by email, which were shipped 4/13. I also posed a few questions to Draper, to help me narrow my choices.

One of those involved the M1300 vs M2500. I am installing the 1500 lumen D-ILA. Interestingly, after asking about the two surfaces with my projector, the rep had the following response:

"I would suggest M1300 surface. Hotspotting may occur with the M2500, when using a projector with over 1000 ansi lumens."

Now, I will have a vertical offset to my screen (it's going to be mounted a bit higher than optimal), but thought I would pass this on to the collective, given all the discussion re the M2500 screens. Make of it what you will.

I was very pleased with the prompt and detailed responses, however. I recommend that if you have questions, fire away at the screen people in general -- they are extremely customer-focused and happy to answer questions.


DMan 04-19-2000 07:42 PM


I think the Draper rep was right on with his statement. I have a CRT projector and I use the Draper M2500 and I love it. However, I have seen a DLP projector used on the M2500 fabric, and this projector was definitely way too bright with this material. If you plan to use a DLP or D-ILA projector, then your best bet is most likely a low gain screen.

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