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paulh 05-14-2000 02:41 PM

Can anyone please explain to me what advantage a Perforated Screen would be or having a screen at all. At the moment I am just using some the bvack of some posters. Use have just bought a CRT projector.
Any help would be of great use


Dean McManis 05-15-2000 02:04 AM


Two questions.

1)Perforated screens (like those in a real movie theater) allow the speakers to be placed behind the screen. This helps merge the sound with the picture, and helps if you have limited space, and can't fit speakers above, below, or beside the screen.

2)Traditional screen material is designed for a flat, even, surface for reflecting the projector's light to the viewer.
Different screen materials have different attributes that can help offset the shortcomings or different projectors with more brightness or a wider viewing angle, or different configurations.


paulh 05-15-2000 02:57 PM

Cheers Mate

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