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Rosano 05-26-2000 01:22 PM

I had a chance to compare this Blackout Material that I have read about on this and other forums.I made a 96 x 54 inch screen with it.I compared it to a Draper motorizes 1.3 96in diagonal screen.The results were pretty impressive.I used the shiny side.We projected an image via a Sony 10HT we covered half the screen with the blackout material.There were 6 of us in the store and we were amazed at the quality of the projected image.The $100 screen held its own.Its pretty easy to do and the results are worth it.Try it.

Chris Cunanan 05-30-2000 07:11 AM

Tried this myself this weekend and the results with my NEC 9PG+ is amazing. No need to spend an extra $500 for screen when I only spent $30 dollars to build this.
I bought the blackout at Joanne's fabrics. $5.99/yd minus 25% sale discount. Plus some 2X3s and I got an 80" wide 16X9 screen.

TimHuey 05-30-2000 07:06 PM

Okay, I've starting reading these different approaches to homemade screens. I am close to installing my new DL450 projector. I can't seem to find any brand names or part numbers for nationwide chains for this blockout fabric or screen material.

Is this blackmaterial available at any nationwide chains or does it have a company name and product number so I can get it locally at a fabric store. All I've seen it called is rubber backed curtain blockout backing. That doesn't seem to be enough to go on.


timbob 05-31-2000 10:07 AM

TimHuey -> I wouldn't think you would have any problem finding this stuff at your local fabric store (are there even national fabric store chains?) It's a fairly common material and comes on a roll with no visible part numbers or brand names (none that I could see)

I asked for "drapery blackout fabric" and the guy knew exactly what I was looking for. If they don't understand just explain what it is, they'll know then for sure. It is a white material with a fabric face on one side (most likely cotton or some kind of cotton blend) and vinyl backing on the other.

Tim Johnson

TimHuey 05-31-2000 12:14 PM

Oh. I see. I was under the impression that there might be more than one company with more than one product that might be used as drapery blackout material. But if it really is as easy as that I shouldn't have much of a problem.


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