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shelly 12-06-1999 12:55 PM

I am just a couple of months away from buying my screen and am getting concerned about the recent reports of vertical streaking on the M2500 screen material. Because tab tensioned electric screens cost about double the price of fixed scraeens, I don't think I can afford to make a mistake with my choice.

I will be using an electric rollup, although the three reports of vertical streaking on another thread are with fixed screens. I had rad that rollup screens might have horizontal lines due to nature of the rollup mechanism, and that this would apply to any rollup screen no matter the gain. Is this true?

Is this vertical line an isolated problem, or have the other M2500ers on this site experienced this? Earlier threads some months ago about the M2500 were all raves.

Is the problem with the earlier 2.5 gain M2500's or with the newer 2.3 gain ones?

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jidelite 12-06-1999 02:34 PM

I purchased my Draper Premier C (manual rollup) 100" (diag), 4:3 M2500 in Oct. I can attest to the fact that your screen may have some horizontal lines (wrinkles?). But this just may be the nature of the beast. Actually, I really only see the lines on bright scenes (or maybe I've trained my eye not to see them on dark scenes http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif) and it also seems like the lines start to disappear the longer I keep the screen down. Anyway, I am very satisfied with the color rendition/brightness and the small amt of hotspotting - I personally do not have any vertical line/streaking problem....


pjenkins 12-06-1999 04:46 PM

Aha, it isn't me or my eyes! Where did you find info about the streaking? I have things I notice in bright scense that could be related to this. They appear as streaks of discoloration, I thought it was the projector or my eyes, could it be the material??


shelly 12-09-1999 08:37 AM

Well, I think that I have been scared off from getting the Draper M2500.

These reports of vertical streaks--and I had received an e-mail a month ago from someone who was going to demo the screen for me at his home, but he returned it because of these streaks--have stopped me from taking a $2500 chance.

I'm now considering a Stewart Studiotek 130, 1,3 gain, as the best choice. It seems to be a high industry standard.

I have seen it with a Sony 400 in a darkened room, and the new Sony 10HT I have ordered, being twice as bright, should provide some ambient light viewing opportunities for me. I certainly won't have to worry about hot spotting or color shift,

shelly 12-09-1999 01:29 PM

Well, what can I say. Alan called me today and talked me aback into the Draper M2500 instead of going with the Stewart 130.

So Dennis of Medical Video Systems atalks me out of the Draper and Alan of AVScience talks me out of the Stewart.

Am I suceptible or what? Here we have two experts and they disagree. I feel caught in the middle but will make some kind of decision soon.

shelly 12-09-1999 05:17 PM

So I spend part of today trying to figure out a way to put a fixed screen on the front wall--cut the tops off of the standing houseplants, move the equipment rack to the side, and move the sub out of the side corner to where the equipment rack was. Now I would be 17', not 14' away from the 52"x 92" M2500,

Mark, I ordered 8 x 11 samples of all the screen materials from Draper and from STewart. But these won't help at all with figuring out the creasing/streaking problems.

A fixed M2500 would elimintate the horizontal creases/streaking problems inherent to roll up screens.

By now we have the vertical creases/streaking on the fixed screens (although not the experience of eveyone).

I do know that Draper has said they would work with anyone with these problems. I have spoken to three tech people there in the past few days, and none acknowledge the vertical creasing, but do speak of the possibility of the "stair casing", the horizontal creasing in the roll up screens.

The worse this gets, the more I want the Draper M2500. It's that bad girl (Draper)/good girl (Stewart) conflict all over again. The bad girl sure seems more exciting.

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DMan 12-09-1999 07:51 PM


For what it's worth, I installed my Draper M2500 screen back in May of this year. I installed the screen the day it came in so it was rolled up the shortest amount of time possible. I notice that their is some amount of texture to this screen, but it is not apparent while viewing material.

The Academy Home Theater

dondavis 12-11-1999 07:42 AM

>So Dennis of Medical Video Systems atalks me out of the Draper and Alan of
>AVScience talks me out of the Stewart.

>Am I suceptible or what?

Hey, a new game! Let's see how many times we can get Shelly to change her mind ;-) Have you considered Vutec? I've had good experience with the 1.5 Brite White and my Electrohome 4100 7" projector. The ISF tech measured 16.2 fl, which is respectable.

shelly 12-11-1999 08:20 AM

Hi Don, I'm a he, by the way, all 6', 220 lbs of me.

I have decided to go with a fixed mount M2500, saving myself $2100. All little room rearrangement is all it will take.

My wife is making a quilted curtain of our view to cover the screen when not watching video. ?Actually this should enhance the room accoustice for my music listening.

It seems that the M2500 doesn't take well to rollup screens. If I don;t like the M2500, I can just change fabrics for a few hundred dollars, so it's not as risky to me.

But it is a problem when well respected, informed experts disagree on products. Those of us who can't audition and view all the posibilities usually rely on their expertise.

Mark Rejhon 12-11-1999 01:33 PM

Good move!

A fixed screen is always better! The motorized have more streaking and creasing problems than the fixed mount screens. On top of that - you can get better focus and convergence with a fixed screen, because the screen won't move forward or backwards a few millimeters depending on the way it's unrolled (it can happen). And a passerby won't cause the screen to swing in and out like a pendulum.

Mark Rejhon

Tom Armading 12-13-1999 12:30 PM

I have had the Draper 2500 for quite awhile now, and like the brightness (who doesn't!). But I am in the process of replacing it, due to the visible texture that looks like vertical streaks. They are only visible during bright scenes, but seeing them takes me right out of the movie. I'm fairly close to the screen, about 12 feet, so that may exacerbate the situation.

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Mark Rejhon 12-21-1999 07:43 PM

Vertical streaks? My M2500 has none!

Mark Rejhon

shelly 12-23-1999 02:38 PM

Rob, Is this very recent? When did you get the original screen and when did you get the replacement?

Are you going to have Draper replace the M2500 screen material one more time or can you live with the streak?

I assume that you have a fixed mount screen.

This is all very unsettling.

Alan, have you had any similar streaking problems with the M2500s that you are selling through avscience store?

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Jerry Arseneau 01-02-2000 08:19 AM


You might try something I discovered by accident. If you unsnap the screen and put it back upside-down, the streaking may be less noticable from any seat. In my case the most predominent part of the streak then moved to the lower part of the screen where it was less noticable overall and the likelihood of bright scenes in that area also was less.

Another suggestion I can offer for anyone that has the screen 'sag' in the center due to the frame...pick up an adjustable shower curtain rod from any hardware store and mount it at the center of the frame in the back. The rods are continuously adjustable from ~36" to 60" and stay in place without mounting hardware due to the spring tension and rubber endcaps.


Brett 02-04-2000 05:01 PM

I've heard that the M2500 is recommended over the Da-lite High Power for cieling mounted projectors.

Are these vertical streaks seen with both floor mounted and cieling mounted projection?
Are they visible with CRTs, LCDs, DLPs and D-ILAs?

Just wondering...



Brett 02-05-2000 10:17 AM

We are lucky to have died in the wool experts here at the AV Science forums.

So someone must have a fairly authoratative opinion as to whether there could be a relation between projector type or brightness, floor or cieling mounting, and vertical streaking?

Thanks for setting me straight.



BL 05-22-2000 06:48 PM

Has anyone checked with Alan or David to see if they can find out if Draper has a fix for this?

Just wondering.


Dean McManis 05-22-2000 11:03 PM


I used my 138" 16:9 M2500 fixed screen with my Electrohome CRT FPTV, and later with my Sony 1292Q, and now with my JVC G1000 D-ILA (all ceiling mounted) and I haven't had any streaking problems at all.


Brett 05-24-2000 03:45 AM

Yes Dean,

I posted that a few months back, and I know your screen is especially good. I would have snatched it up second hand from your ad in the AV Science classifieds if I had the necessary height clearance. Unluckily, my HT is in my kitchen, and must project onto a wall currently 56" in height and at best once I've remodelled it, 63" high. I guess I'll have to go with custom everything...

Thanks anyways for your post confirming that whatever the type of projector, streaking isn't at all present on your screen - if they were all like that, I'd place an order with AV Science for a custom sized M2500 at once.



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