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Big Picture 05-10-2000 06:08 AM

The reviewer of this projector in The Perfect Vision magazine used a Da-Lite High Power 2.8 gain screen and seemed to think this was ideal under certain conditions (you need to read the review). I have a 10 HT and am trying to determine the best screen, can anyone comment on the pro's and con's of the High Power in this case?

Dave McKean 05-10-2000 07:19 AM

The only time you should need to use a high gain screen is if you're planning on using your projector in a bright room. If you plan on darkening the room (like most of us do) a low gain screen should be fine. Especially with a bright projector like the Sony.

Adam 05-10-2000 07:32 AM

Take a look at the at this page, http://crimdom.net/home-theatre/screens.html it compares all types of screens for Da-lite.


Slithy Tove 06-06-2000 03:53 AM

Originally posted by Adam:
Take a look at the at this page, http://crimdom.net/home-theatre/screens.html it compares all types of screens for Da-lite.

I've looked at that page a good bit. The problem with those comparisons is that it looks like the projector was adjusted -- white and black levels, etc. -- for the author's existing screen, a Da-Lite Matte White. Of course, most of the rest of the screen specimens looked worse, and the ones that reflect the most light look 'blown out' because the projector is adjusted for satisfactory white level on a screen of much lower reflective characteristics.

But you can't tell what they would look like if the projecter were adjusted to their reflective characteristics. <sigh> Maybe they'd look better?

A poster on www.thebigpicturedvd.com who has a Da-Lite Matte White screen himself, and has seen Bill Cushman's setup which uses the Da-Lite High Power material, claims that Cushman is right, that this material really does provide a major jump in picture quality, with reduced light scatter.

Very difficult to know without a formal test of multiple full-size screens, with projectors re-calibrated to each screen in turn.

Does anyone know if this has been done?

== Tove
A rainbow rat...a checkered cat

Dean McManis 06-06-2000 03:18 PM


I have a G1000 D-ILA FPTV with the same 1000 lumen(+/-) output of the VW10HT, and I thought it looked great with my previous Draper M2500 screen (2.3 gain). Even at 120" wide, the picture was bright and colorful, with good contrast and you could easily watch it with full room lights on.

I have since changed over to a 156" wide DaLite AudioVision (1.0 gain) screen.
It does lack the "punch" of the high gain screen, but it does reveal a bit more detail.

With the high light output of the VW10HT even in Cinema Black mode, you don't need a high gain screen, but personally I liked the look of my M2500 screen, and would have chosen it if the material was available in perforated form at a decent price.

Screen size does have an effect here though, and I'm not sure that I would have considered a high gain screen if the size was less than 110", because you would really have to crank down the brightness. This will help a bit with black level, but I would be choosing a standard 1.3 gain screen if I had selected a 84" screen for instance.


PAP 06-06-2000 03:49 PM

Dean - what a coincidence! I was just told about the Audiovision screen and am considering the 1000lumen DILA projectors.

Could you speak a bit more to the comparisons between the two screens you've seen with your DILA projector. Specifically I figure I'm probably lookin in the 120" range in width for a 16:9 screen and wonder if you feel that the audiovision lacks enough output for that projector in that size screen.

Right now I'm running a high (dalite pearlescent) output screen with an 8" crt (barco) but plan to change to DILA in a couple months. Stewart screens are available in all types perforated, but are 3x more expensive so I am looking at Da-lite (just like I did with my current screen).

Dean McManis 06-07-2000 12:26 AM


I think that the AudioVision screen at 120" wide should be just fine with a G10/G11.
In fact possibly a bit brighter than my 156" wide screen with the ISCO.

I had my M2500 to be able to project 120" wide originally with a FPTV with 7" CRTs, and it carried over to my last FPTV with 9" CRTs and looked great.
With the D-ILA it still looked great, but I had to crank down the brightness.

I don't mind the light falloff of the AudioVision relative to the M2500 because the audio properties (sound localization) and asthetic improvement make it worth it to me. With the same 120" wide screen, and a dark room, you might not see the difference.


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