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shelly 06-04-2000 08:06 PM

Has anyone gotten a folded Draper M1300 and actually had the screen flatten out so that the creases waere totally gone?

If so, how many weeks did it take?

Andrew Low 06-05-2000 05:32 AM

I'm at about 2 1/2 weeks now and still have visible creases in bright "sky" scenes.. but they are slowly working their way out.

I would hazard a guess that a less critical eye would not be able to see them at this point.


robhicks 06-05-2000 01:04 PM

My Cineperm M1300 has been wall mounted for about a month. I made sure the 1x6" boards were distanced the exact inside measurement apart, based on the measurement at the inside edge of the screen. This fixed the 3/4" bow in the middle of the screen and any creases are barely visible close to the screen, in fact invisible from the seating distance.
However the dreaded streaks means the screen will be replaced by Draper shortly!

shelly 06-05-2000 04:42 PM

Rob, this is the first eport of vertical streaks on the M1300.

What I see as the streaking on my M2500 is actually the fabric weave or pattern of the screen material. It usually runs top to bottom and you can see the fabric on the bright, light scenes. The streaks are darker than the projected light image.

Although the M2500 looks surface smooth to the eye, once the light hits it, it becomes obvious that there is texture within it.

I was hoping that my replacement M1300 would really be smooth without any texture.

What a frustrating learning experience it has been dealing with the Draper screens.Yet some folks swear by them. Go figure!

robhicks 06-06-2000 02:56 PM

Just like everybody else the screen arrived without any instructions.
I used 2 1"x6" boards mounted horizontaly on the wall to hold the screen in place. A good tip is to cut the boards 12" to 15 " short, so that you can slide the screen left or right when centering the image from your projector.
I have 2 vertical streaks that are shinier than the rest of the screen and can be seen on white or sky blue scenes. Draper are sending me a replacement.

jgenduso 06-07-2000 11:03 AM

Mine took 5 weeks and is now perfectly flat. It also took 3 poeple to streatch the fabric onto the metal frame. I don't hink I'll ever take it off there.


shelly 06-07-2000 01:40 PM

Well, my replacement M1300 (for my M2500) screen fabric arrived today rolled on a core.

After placing my order with the dealer, I followed up about a week later with a phone call to Draper to request that the M1300 be rolled on the tube (which they call a core.)

The M1300 will come folded UNLESS you follow up with Draper to request the rolled on the core method of shipment.

I will post in a few days my observations on the differences between the two materials (M1300 and M2500.) I am hoping to gain some increased sharpness and more uniform white field with less color splotches (not caused by dust), and definitely want to NOT see the screen fabric material during the light/white screnes.

By the way, Draper recommends snapping the four corners first, and then proceeding with the rest of the snaps. It works.

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