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kromkamp 06-19-2000 02:02 PM

Hello all,

Recently, I've noticed that I've got a blotch on my DaLite High-Power screen. To be perfectly honest, it looks like I've squashed a bug on it! (Its an electric screen, perhaps something was sitting on it when it rolled up :-) )

The result is that there is a dry, hardened spot on the screen. The spot itself is basically transparent, but it eliminates the gain of the screen under that spot. The result is that from the optimum seating position, the spot looks black.

What can I use to try to clean this off? If I try to scrape it off, am I going to scrape off the screen coating? What kinds of cleaners will not harm this material?

When I emailed Da-Lite they suggested I use 'warm water and soap'. (ie. a fluff, 'we-dont-know' answer).


Alan Gouger 06-19-2000 08:42 PM

I would be very carefull. This is like a glass beaded screen but with a finer bead. If you remove any of the beads this will cause you to have a perminent spot worse than the bug. Im sorry I dont have an answer for you.

Jeff Beaver 06-23-2000 01:43 AM


Here's a paragraph which I lifted from the DaLite web site.

"Da-Lite Screen Company has introduced a fabric called High Power. To ensure complete mechanical stability, all of the beads in the High Power fabric are covered by a thin, protective top layer which stretches over their upper contours like a tight elastic skin, holding them permanently in place. Not only is the resultant surface washable, it is completely smooth to the touch and the adhesion is so perfect that it requires a powerful magnifier to confirm that the surface really is beaded at all."

Their suggestion of "warm water and soap" was probably a good one, although were it me, I think I would just start with warm water. Just wet the bug and give it a few minutes to soften up. If you avoid scrubbing or abraiding the surface you should be ok.


BTW -- I also have a DaLite High Power. Besides being texture free and bright, there are absolutely no hot spots or sparklies and waviness in the material is completely concealed. I love it.

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