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wireburn 07-24-2000 06:59 AM

Please forgive the cross-posting, but I need to get an answer before the weekend when I have to make my final decision.

Ok, here goes. I'm trying to decide if I want to change screens for a future move to some form of digital projection. Here's my current setup:

Barco Graphics 800 CRT - ceiling mounted
HTPC (1280x720, 72Hz) through Extron 120
Dalite Cosmopolitan Electrol Hi-Power 2.8 gain 92"x52"

Future Setup?

HTPC (1024x768, 72Hz)
Dalite Cosmopolitan Electrol Tensioned Matte White 96"x72"

The screen will need to be swapped this weekend if I'm going to change. The guy I got the Hi-power from will trade me straight up for the Matte White, but he's a 5-hour trip and I'm driving down on the 29th. I am not really happy with the Hi-power material because it seems to be a retro-reflective surface that doesn't look its best with my setup. I get the brightest image when I stand up. It seems like the general consensus is that a matte white surface is best for high output projectors like the ones I've been looking at for future upgrades.

I love the picture I'm getting from my CRT, but I notice some deficiencies. For one thing, even though I've calibrated with a colorimeter, the color doesn't seem quite right, especially the red. I think the lack of color filtering on this pj is to blame. Also, I hate having to constantly tweak the thing to keep the convergence correct. I find myself making adjustments after warm-up and after about an hour of viewing. This may be due to the cold basement environment not allowing even heat distribution inside the electronics. Although I can live with these drawbacks for now, I want to look forward to a future projection system by changing the screen now, if necessary.

So what's the consensus? Better to stick with the Hi-gain or go with a matte while I still can?


-Mike Leslie

uncle eric 07-25-2000 03:44 AM

For what its worth, heres my advice.
Dont do what I did with screens for the last few years, waste money!
I am on my 5th and last screen.
In the end I got the best, a Stewart electric tab tentioned studio tek 1.3 gain. Absolutely &**^$!£ superb.
In the end, you will probably do the same, do it sooner than me.

wireburn 07-25-2000 07:18 AM

Thanks for the responses, but between all the forums I've posted this question to I got the entire gamut of opinions: Keep what you have, it's a great screen, go for the matte, and go for something different entirely. I guess I asked for it.

Let me phrase the question a little differently: Which screen is best with a high brightness ceiling-mounted projector for on-axis viewing? I have two choices at this time, DaLite hi-power or matte white. I am leaning toward the matte because it is tensioned and quite a bit larger.

Thanks again,

uncle eric 07-26-2000 10:49 AM

Quite simply, with a high brightness projector like yours, you dont need a high gain screen.
If you cant get the Stewart, then go for the tab tentioned da mat.

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