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JBJR 07-28-2000 11:54 AM

I am looking to upgrade my Dalite model B matte white screen to a new Dalite or Stewert tensioned model. Is there any place on the internet or mail order I can look to get a good price for one?


Kerry 07-30-2000 04:46 AM

Our company is a Dalite dealer. If you would like to give us a call at 800-256-5977, I would be happy to quote you our price.

Kerry Haught

Jeffrey 07-30-2000 03:49 PM

I have a new Dalite executive electrol that I might be selling. It looks like it might not work in my room. It currently has a glass beaded (yuk!) 8'x6' screen, but Dalite will ship out a new tensioned 80"x45" that will pop right in. The new tensioned screen retails for $1100, so it could be had for about $800 (discounted). The quote I got was for the perforated material, so another material would be cheaper yet.

I am not sure what I will be asking for the executive electrol, probably between $700 and $1000. Let me know if this type of thing might work for you.

I planned on replacing the (unused) glass beaded screen with a High Power, which would be 52"x92", and only cost about $250.


wireburn 08-03-2000 05:50 AM

I have put a new hi-power dalite cosmo electrol up for sale here, if you're interested:


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