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OpusX 08-05-2000 08:39 AM

I am in the process of building out my HT and would like to know how far from behind the screen do I put the Center Channel speaker. I will be using the Stewart MicroPerf screen 16x9 format 87" x 49", 100 diag. The top of screen will be 16" from the ceiling and the bottom of the screen will be 29" from the floor. Ceiling height is at 7'-8". Seating distance will be 14' from the screen. CRT will be a Dwin HD700. The Center channel speaker is a B&W Nautilus HTM1, with the Nautilus 801's for the mains, and the Nautilus 805's for the rears. Any info would be appreciated. Should I just used a Non-perf screen? Would I see the perf holes at that seating distance?


LeeAntin 08-05-2000 03:14 PM

14' from the screen will be fine. This is the minimum distance that is recommended when using the Stewart Micro Perf Screen.

As far as the distance from the Center Channel speaker to the back of the screen...2 or 3 inches should do it. the only thing you have to watch out for is if the bass creates the screen to vibrate. It will look like you dropped a stone into a lake...ripples out. If for any reason this happens, then on your DD processor, switch the center Channel speaker to small as opposed to large. This will stop the bass below 80 or 100 Htz (depending on your processor) and will get rid of the ripples.

Just as a point of reference, I have a 60"x107" SMP Screen with three large B&W's behind it, all set to Large (full range) and I have never see any rippling effect. And I play my movies LOUD!

Another point of reference...The Center Channel speaker should be played at the Screen Center position. This is the exact center of the screen...measuring top to bottom, left to right.

Having a perforated screen adds to the theater experience as when someone is talking on screen, the sound comes right out of their mouth, as opposed to above or below.


[This message has been edited by LeeAntin (edited August 05, 2000).]

[This message has been edited by LeeAntin (edited August 05, 2000).]

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