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wireburn 08-09-2000 02:22 PM

I have a tensioned Cosmo Electrol with a 24" black drop that I can't get the bottom stop adjusted for. I followed the procedure in the manual to adjust the bottom drop (turn the white hex head clockwise), but the thing wants to roll out all the way to the bottom and then start rolling it back the other way. This screen was new when I put it up, so it should be at factory settings. I have turned the screw about 50 times around to no avail. The other electrol I have responds nicely to this adjustment procedure.

Could someone who is familiar with adjusting these screens please tell me what I'm doing wrong or how to fix the darn thing if there's something wrong with it? There's no warrantee because I bought it as-is (damaged in shipping, just a few scratches, really).


wireburn 08-10-2000 05:01 AM

Never mind, I got it. It took about 180 turns to adjust the drop correctly. Weired.


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