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Jerry 06-18-2000 11:42 AM


I've got a Dalite Electrol screen that should be in this week. I didn't order any optional features for raising and lowering because of the price. Does anyone know about hooking up x-10 modules to this screen or how the switch (I believe it's 3 postion?) works. Any help or idea is appreciated.

Thanks, Jerry

dpearson 06-18-2000 03:16 PM

Here's what I'm planning to do for my dalite tensioned cosmopolitan electrol electric screen:

Connect AC power to a SPDT relay (http://smarthome.com/7278.html) and the red and black leads from the screen to the switched side of the relay.

Connect a 12V transformer to the low voltage side of the relay and plug it in to an X-10 controlled outlet (http://www.smarthome.com/2040.html).

Use an IR/X-10 receiver to receive the X-10 on/off commands from my universal remote (http://www.smarthome.com/4040.html).

When the X-10 outlet is off, no power is applied to the low voltage side of the relay causing the screen to go up (which is stopped by the upper limit switch). When power is applied to the low voltage side of the relay, the screen goes down and is stopped by the lower limit switch.

This scenario seems to match the drawings that dalite has for their low voltage control. Total for all components delivered should be under $70.

***** I have not implemented this yet and I'm not an electrician, so do your own research before hooking anything up!!!! ******

One caution for the X-10 control is, make sure that the outlet you plug the IR/X-10 module into can get signals to the circuit that you will use the X-10 outlet on (I had to install a signal bridge to accomplish this).


dpearson 08-13-2000 07:54 AM


An update....I've installed this equipment to raise/lower my screen and it works great.


Jerry 08-13-2000 02:42 PM

Hi David,

Thanks so much for your help. It took longer than I thought to get my old screen down, new screen in and everything hooked up. I believe I hooked it up like you said. It does work great with the x-10 and I am able to control it by remote.

I appreciate very much your help and everyone on this great forum.

Thanks, Jerry

Jerry 08-14-2000 03:41 PM

Hi Pat,

My setup uses only the x-10 that is remote controlled. I'm not sure if it is possible to use both, but someone on this forum could probably figure it out.

Thanks, Jerry

dpearson 08-14-2000 06:20 PM


My installation replaces the 3-position switch that comes with the screen. However, you can get an X-10 wall switch that will control the screen by sending an X-10 command rather than actually switching the power. This way you could locate the wall switch anywhere in the room without having to run wires all the way back to the screen.

Check out: http://www.smarthome.com/4210R.html

Good luck.


I'm glad it worked for you! What kind of projector are you using?


Jerry 08-15-2000 05:21 AM

Hi David,

I had a Sony 1270 for a couple of years and now have a Mitsubishis VS-1281. I came across this a few months ago and it is an excellent projector. It only has 7 inch tubes but the raster area is larger (6") and the focus is different (electromagnetic I believe). Not many people have heard of the Mitsubishi, I don't guess they ever found a market for them. It seems to be built well (168 lbs), I just hope it lasts.

Thanks, Jerry

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