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sseed 08-14-2000 04:19 AM

I have just got a Sony 1271QM projector and I am very pleased with it 8-).

I`m now looking for a screen(at the moment I`m using a sheet). The screen itself needs to be a pull down and I would like about 8ft wide.
I will be ceiling mounting the projector.

I have seen in the UK a company selling Vinyl screens for about 200 dollars or glass bead ones for about 320 dollars. Are either of these suitable, I have seen that some people do not recommend the Galss bead screens for ceiling mounted projection.

However I cannot afford to spend 1000s of dollars at the moment on a screen.


wireburn 08-14-2000 05:14 AM

Try to find a Dalite dealer near you. We can get the Model B pulldown screens in the width you want for $200-300. I would go for the Video Spectra 1.5 gain material.


sseed 08-14-2000 06:27 AM

Are there any Dalite dealers in the UK?


wireburn 08-14-2000 01:59 PM

A simple search of their site brought up this email address:

Becky Hartman: bhartman@da-lite.com

European sales rep for Da-lite, Inc.


sseed 08-17-2000 04:22 AM

I tried the number listed but it seems to be a very small office, in fact I got an answer phone with a message saying he is on holiday 8-)

Does anyone know where I can get a screen in the UK?


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