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Gunnar 08-06-2000 03:21 AM

I finally received my 92x69" M2500 screen material (material only - no frame)yesterday. I notice that one side is perfectly smooth, and the other side is slightly textured. Which side is the front side? I tried to test with a flash light, and it seemed that the textured side gave most reflected light, and thus is the front side. Is my assumption correct?

I also noticed that the material has a lot of "dents" all over(elliptically shaped, about 1" length). If I stretch the material it seems that the dents will dissappear. Any comments on this?

I intend to stretch the material over a wooden frame and staple the material at the sides. This works great with a bed sheet, but I`m not sure how much tention I should apply to the material? My impression is that people struggle trying to snap the material on the Cineperm frame, so probably relatively high tention?


CHUCK GIGLIO 08-06-2000 07:04 PM

just call draper and ask them to fax you the spec sheet on the screen frame for your material, so you can copy the snap placement .
then go to a boat supply store and buy the male snaps and screw them to your wood frame.
good luck

KBK 08-08-2000 08:09 PM

My understanding of it is that the textured side is the viewing side.

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Gunnar 08-09-2000 03:30 PM

Yes, I sent an email to Draper, and they said that the textured side is towards the audience.

I`m quite excited to compare the M2500 material to my painted bed sheet, that has served as my screen for about 1/2 year. just a couple of days now..


wireburn 08-10-2000 04:17 AM


I think you're going to wish you bought the frame, too. I struggled with a wooden frame for my curtain blackout material. The thing bowed pretty badly even though the boards I purchased were straight. They went haywire when I started to cut on them. Now that I have a real screen, I would never go back. If you just have to do it yourself try to find some aluminum channeling and screw them together with some supports in the middle. At least you'll know it's sturdy and straight.


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Gunnar 08-13-2000 11:20 AM

My wooden frame consists of 2"x1.5" material with a support in the middle of the long side. It is rather rigid, and I attached the M2500 material to it with double sided 2" adhesive tape. I put the tape on the back side of the frame, and stretched the material over the edge of the frame and attached it to the tape on the back. This seem to work fine so far.. Then I placed the frame into my custom rack. It is held in place by black 1" wooden moulding. Unfortunately I haven`t been able to try it yet as my BG-800 projector broke down again (arghhhhhhhh!)


wireburn 08-14-2000 05:10 AM


I'm in the same boat! I've had a wealth of screens go through here lately, but my projector is down!

About the frame, I was speaking from my own experience of building a wooden frame. I tried very diligently, but I just couldn't get the thing flat. I'm finally in screen heaven, but now in projector hell. Curt, that SMPS board is getting sent out tommorow!!


Gunnar 08-16-2000 12:58 PM

To bad with your BG-800! I have not been able to fix mine yet, but I`m still hoping.. My frame is rather flat in the first place, and when placed in the rack it is clamped between the moulding and another frame that is attached to the rack. The tape seem to hold the M2500 material so far.


Gunnar 08-18-2000 02:50 PM

I got my BG-800 working again today. I hope I have found the problem that zaps my RGB-inputs from time to time or I may have to change another 10-20 transistors and diodes in a while.

Anyway, I was very excited to try the recently installed M2500 screen, and so far I`m satisfied. Though I see the vertical streaks that people are talking about. A bit annoying, but I think I can live with it. I may contact Draper to see if it is possible to get a new 92"x69" piece of M2500 material. Then I probably have to return the old material and wait several weeks for the new one.

I see a big difference in brightness, and also som difference in the colors compared to my previos painted bed sheet.. Will probably notice more ups/downs after a few days of use.


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