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JayF 08-15-2000 01:38 PM

This is probably old news to most people here, but I've found that covering the back of the screen with black felt has dramatically improved the image from my 1272. I had seen a reference to this in a posting a while back & out of curiosity looked behind my screen the other night when watching a movie. Sure enough there was an incredible amount of light coming through and bouncing back on the screen. After spending $18 on felt & velcro the leakage is gone & the picture seems brighter & more colorful w/ greater depth. Again, I'm sure this is nothing new to most people, but maybe this will benefit another newbie like me.

Alan Gouger 08-15-2000 09:04 PM

The m2500 is a very thin material. If it is hanging on a white wall you will wash out the picture from the light bounce.
You havea good idea tht nobody has posted and this should be helpfull to many with this material.

Thanks Very Much!

Alan Gouger
AV Science

Sabertouch 08-16-2000 11:24 PM

I have a retractable M2500 screen. It drops down in front of a white wall. Cannot cover wall with black [WAF}. Can black material be attached to the roll up screen without causing a problem with the roll up mechanism? Would this help hide the problems with the M2500 screen material?

LeeAntin 08-19-2000 08:44 PM


It would not be a good idea to attch anything to the back of the screen.

A better idea would be to mount something behind the screen that you could pull down and retract. Something like a window shade or shades. You can use Latex Flat black paint to paint them with so they can withstand being rolled and unrolled. All you need is about 1.5" behind the screen.

The whole thing should cost less than $30 and will meet with the WAF.


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