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Reed W 08-25-2000 04:54 PM

Greetings - I am putting together a home theater on a somewhat limited budget and see that a good quality screen can be expensive. I would rather spend more money on the projector and less on the screen if possible. I have room for an 80" x 45" 16:9 fixed screen.

I see from the Steward catalog that you can buy the screen material,(Studio tek 130), in bulk, ($16.50 per square foot retail).

It appears one could buy the material and make their own frame, thus saving over 50%. Has anyone ever done this? Thanks - Reed.

David O 08-28-2000 12:22 AM

Search for a thread called "Best fabric for homemade screens". It is about 4 pages long!

You will find all the info you need there.

jdb 08-29-2000 10:17 PM

I would also search out the recent threads on "Shadow boxing" your screen.
If your building your own, why build it plain Jane? Really, snooping these posts out may change your whole approach. It did mine and I'm gald! jdb

Peabody Theatre

KBK 08-31-2000 07:35 PM

Has anyone 'made' their own screen? Whooo, mmmm, errr, yeah, you could say so.... Some of us get a little carried away.

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