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pcostanz 09-04-2000 03:39 PM

Who's using the M2500 screen? Anyone using this with a 700+ DLP or LCD system? How's the hot spotting?

I received some sample M2500 material and it looks very good, but it seems that with my 800 lumen dlp system the brightness level fades considerably as I move the material to the left or right corners.

Also, how do colors turn out? How are fleshtones?


Dean McManis 09-04-2000 06:45 PM


I had a 120" wide 16:9 M2500 screen and I thought that it was great.

I used it with a FPTV with 7" and one with 9" CRTs, and used it with a D-ILA FPTV rated at 1000 lumens.

It made a watchable picture on the 10' wide screen with the FPTV with 7" CRTs which would not have been possible without the extra gain of the M2500. The FPTV with 9" CRTs looked even better even though there was some colorshifting and hotspotting.

The D-ILA was a great match for the M2500 because the single light source had no colorshifting problems and the brightness uniformity didn't show any visible hotspotting.

For me, the M2500 provided a great picture even with the room lights on, and it had good color and contrast.

I have since gone to a new screen because I wanted to have one that was perforated, and I haven't found affordable high-gain perforated screen material to buy.

So much for the positive review. If you search this forum under "M2500" you will find other customers who recieved different batches of M2500 material which had problems with streaking, "treadmarks", and other problems that I didn't have, but caused them to choose a different screen.

Other factors in the decision are if you are planning a ceiling or floor mounting, the planned size of the screen, and external light control issues (windows).

With 800 lumens, decent light control, and a reasonably sized screen, you might do just fine with a standard 1.3/1.5 gain screen.


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pcostanz 09-04-2000 08:04 PM

Originally posted by Dean McManis:
[b]With 800 lumens, decent light control, and a reasonably sized screen, you might do just fine with a standard 1.3/1.5 gain screen.

Dean, thanks for the info. I'm glad to hear that the single light source on this screen was a win-win. I wasn't sure if it would be better with a single gun or 3 gun type system.

I'm leaning heavily toward the M2500 because it will offer more of a punch for the money. As far as 1.3 and 1.5 gain, there seems to be a limited number of screens at 1.5. I'm still researching that arena. So far, many of the screens rated at 1.3 are actually 1.1 gain which is so close to a matt white wall that it's not worth dropping the cash for a little to no improvement in image quality.

It is distressing about the M2500 problems. I have read the threads and feel that it's still worth a shot. I'd like to review one here in Columbus, Oh, if I can find a dealer that has one on display.


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shelly 09-05-2000 07:21 AM

Peter, If you have read the past posts about the M2500, you know that I was one of those that had to return two different M2500 screens.

You should have no reason to worry if you purchase a fixed screen, as you can always have Draper replace the M2500 with an M1300. My first replacement was free (Draper even paid the return shipping cost) as I felt the screen material to be defective.

My second return cost me $78 ( 15% restocking fee) so it was not too bad $$$. A replacement material would have cost around $200 otherwise.

If you get a motorized screen, replacement might be trickier, or at least, more expensive.

Hopefully, you will receive a perfect M2500 which will mate well with your projector.

pcostanz 09-05-2000 08:34 AM

Shelly, who did you purchase the screen from? I'm currently talking to cousinsvideo.com. They have a really good price, but I'm waiting on an answer regarding returns. I am trying to get hold of Alan from AVScience to see what they can do for me. Cousinsvideo told me that any type of problem return/exchange would go through them (i.e. tire tracks).
I'll ask about the material exchange, but I don't think that I want the 1300, it doesn't offer much over a matt wall paint IMO.



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