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WynsWrld98 09-18-2000 06:11 PM

I've read so many postings about wrinkle problems in pulldown screens that I'm now skittish about buying one. My installation mandates a pulldown screen though so I'm stuck. I saw a Stewart pulldown screen at a local store which looked great but the pricing is out of my range. I know Dalite and Draper make pull-down screens that have tab tensioning but I see they're also very expensive. I'm curious if any less expensive manual pulldown screens don't have wrinkle problems.

I read a post stating a Dalite Model C screen with high power material doesn't have wrinkle problems but the same screen with Video Spectra 1.5 material does. Can anyone make a comment on this? If this were true, that would work really well for my budget.

If ANYONE owns a pull-down screen that doesn't have wrinkle problems, I'd love to hear the make, model and screen material.

My situation: Sony 400Q LCD projector mounted from the ceiling, 24' from projector to screen, seating distance 16-18' from screen, good control of lighting.

Thanks in advance!

Hugomed 09-18-2000 11:01 PM


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Hugomed 09-18-2000 11:03 PM

Hey Wyns

I'm new to this forum but Ill try to help I was on ebay looking for a 8X6 foot screen for my Dila and notice that the guy taht was selling screens on ebay his e-mail was local here in Arizona I e-mail him and asked his price for the screens he told me 198.00 out the door,for a new Dalite model B I have noticed no wrinkles on mine.
So here is his phone 602-788-8888 and his name is Mac.
See what he can do for you he carries all kinds of screens but I'm in a budget right now so this is what I can Afford.

Good luck Hugo

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pcdoctor 09-19-2000 03:06 AM

Yes, it's true the Dalite model B high power doesn't have any wrinkles.
My Dad bought one at www.cousinsvideo.com http://www.cousinsvideo.com/model_b.asp
He has the 52" x 92" HDTV model.
He keeps it pulled down all the time.

My HT To Be

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Daniel Hutnicki 09-19-2000 04:59 PM

how much was the Stewart pull down. I will be in the marked for a 45 x 80 screen. I have seen the Dalite Model B which looks fine new, but I have heard great things about the Stewarts in general. Please let me know what they quoted you even if its not the same size I am looking for

WynsWrld98 09-19-2000 05:08 PM

They showed me so many things that day that it's kind of a blur. All I know is everything that had the name Stewart on it was out of my range. If I took a wild guess of what I remember, I'd say a 119" 16:9 diagonal Stewart with tab tensioning with manual pulldown was around $2400. I could be way off but that's the ballpark of what I remember.

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