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pcostanz 09-12-2000 05:04 PM

Ok, I am fortunate to demo a draper M2500 that a dealer loaned me for a couple of days. I am using this with an 800 lumen DLP (Davis DLS8) running HDTV from a Dish 6000 and DVD's through an HTPC. I currently use a painted wall (Sherman Williams Luminous White).

Upon initial setup I noticed that it was more vibrant than the painted wall and slightly more colorful. The image had punch closer to a CRT direct view system. However, after I sat down and watched a few minutes of a DVD, I instantly noticed the texture of the screen. I thought to myself that this must be what people are reporting as the verticle streaks, but I do not see how anyone equated this to a verticle streak. It looks more like dirt over the screen. It is very noticeable when the scene being watched is on the upper half of the brightness scale. I found it extremely annoying and concluded after just 20 minutes of demoing it that there is no way I would get past this issue. I can't see how anyone can watch a movie with this texture issue present.

This texture produces way more articfacts to the image than running it through a DLP or LCD system. The image just looked very dirty. That's too bad because the gain and punch that it provided was very good.

BTW, I sit about 14' back from a 88" wide screen. The pixel format of the DLP is barely noticeable at this distance, but the screen texture is clearly visible.

I'm finding it hard to jusify a screen purchase of any sort now. After removing the screen and viewing the wall, while the picture was more subdued, it was much more uniform and clean.


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Brett 09-17-2000 03:45 PM


Is your projector cieling mounted? I've heard that this screen material is meant to be only used that way...



KBK 09-17-2000 06:33 PM

The high gain rating also means that the material is brutally sensitive to uniformity of surface due to mounting methods. Tension is critical here, and it must be uniform. Angle of view and that of the projector's mount vs viewing powsition are just as critical. Uncritical mounting and incorrect projector useage with this screen will give dismal results.

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pcostanz 09-17-2000 07:00 PM

The projector is ceiling mounted. The dirtyness I'm referring to is where the reflectivity varies in the material itself. This produces a pattern effect that can be seen all over the screen on bright scenes. It's very noticeable. My wife immediately noticed it, and she's very passive about image quality. I turned the screen upsidedown to make sure there wasn't any issues with orientation and got the same results. Also, the hotspotting on the screen was pretty bad. I think this is highlighted by the fact that I'm using an 800 lumen projector. I believe many of the reports of problems with this material are coming from people with higher output projectors. It's a shame, because barring the bad points the screen did have a really nice punch to it.


shelly 09-18-2000 08:54 AM

Peter, You have very accurately described what I also saw with both of my M2500 screens.

I described the texture as if projecting on to a stucco patched wall, with all of the stucco texture showing through on light scenes. It was very disturbing. I, too, miss, the extra oomph of colors and contrast that the M25000 provided.

It is speculated that the M2500 of two years ago is not the same fabric material/coating as it is today. Also, Draper's supplier may have changed

KBK, The cineperm screen provides complete tensioning once the fabvric is snapped on to the frame. My frame is also screwed into the wall studs, and is both level and plumb. I initially had my Sony 10HT table mounted and then went to a ceiling mount. The problems were the same in both cases. And the hot spot did follow me as I moved from side to side in the room.

Anyone contemplating a new M2500 is taking a serious chance. Fortunately, the M2500 fabric can be easily replaced with Draper's M1300 fabric, (as the snaps are in the same position,) which has none of these problems.

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KBK 09-18-2000 09:13 PM

Oh well. I made speculations on the origins of that particular screen before, and......well..... and that was the result.

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Laurence 09-19-2000 05:24 AM

The M2500 is a CRT friendly screen, since you can go larger than 80 inches wide without unduly straining the guns. That was my purpose. At 104 inches wide I get sufficient punch while keeping the levels moderate.

It is, in my opinion, a poor choice for a brighter projector, eg Sony G90 and particularly digital.

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