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Video's Avatar Video 08:45 AM 09-28-2000
Where is the best place to buy a Stewart VideoMatte 200 96" wide, 16x9 fixed, microperfed? What is the retail and what street price should I expect to pay. My dealers here do not sell them or know nothing about them.

Is there another alternative - I must have acoustically transparent because of room considerations?


Don Stewart's Avatar Don Stewart 01:15 PM 09-28-2000
Try calling the Stewart Plain States Rep at (913) 897-0096.
He should be able to direct you to some local Nebraska dealers and you can get a competitive price from them.
Good hunting!
Video's Avatar Video 01:35 PM 09-28-2000
Thanks Don, I now have about three dealers to work with.

As an obvious expert, would I get good results from the screen I mention above and a 7" CRT at that size? Tubes are fairly new.

Don Stewart's Avatar Don Stewart 01:41 PM 09-28-2000
Whats the screen size, Projector type and where is the Projector mounted?
Video's Avatar Video 08:20 PM 09-28-2000
Projector is a very low hour Sony 1271Q ceiling mounted. Considering an 84" or 96". Obviously the bigger the better but not at the expense of image quality and brightness. Would like acoustically transparent.

Thanks again!