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Jim Ferguson 09-20-2000 07:49 PM

I've had my new Stewart Studiotek 130 screen for a couple of weeks now, and I'm totally satisfied with it now that it no longer reeks of that "new screen smell."

I'm having a problem/annoyance with the frame however. It's a fixed wall mount screen. The border is metal, about 2" wide. The screen is set back about 2" into the frame. While the paint on the metal is black, it tends to reflect a lot of light off of the screen back onto the edges of the inside of the frame.

Does anyone have any good ideas for damping these reflections? Is there a tape, or felt strip, or some other thin layer that can be applied? I could probably paint it, but I'd have to disassemble the screen, and who knows if the paint would be less shiny than what's on there now.

Any suggestions?

kensilver 09-21-2000 03:26 AM

I've noticed that effect in quite a few photos of Stewart screens in Audio Video Interiors magazine, and even on the Stewart in the demo theater of our local home theater store.

Hope you find a solution - doesn't look like Stewart has it.

Ken Silver

LeeAntin 09-21-2000 04:38 AM


If I remember, from a previous post, Stewart sells some kind of a cloth covering that will reduce the reflections.

What i did was to get some #400 Sandpaper and carefully give the inner surface of the frame a once over. This knocks the shine off of the metal and helps a lot. I did it with the screen attached. I used a vacumn cleaner hose and followed my hand with the sandpaper to pickup any dust created.


Steve Bruzonsky 09-21-2000 07:33 AM

I believe Stewart sells "Velux" fabric which you apply to the screen metal borders. My new Stewart screen comes standard with Velux.

Steve Bruzonsky

Jim Ferguson 09-21-2000 04:24 PM

Thanks guys. I'll see if I can get the Velux material. It sounds like something that should come standard on the frame, but oh well. Hopefully they don't charge "Stewart-like" prices for it http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

I thought of sandpapering, but I think I'd rather have something I could apply to the surface.

Don Stewart 09-21-2000 06:47 PM

Dear Jim,

Please be advised that most shadow box frames in the home theater applications are shipped with the Velux finish option. Velux is a deep black material that has the same light absorbing qualities as Black Velvet. It sounds like you have a 1.5" by 1.5" frame extrusion with a semi- flat black paint or power coating that is popular in the the business and training market.
Jim, The best solution to solve the reflection problem is to contact our product manager, Scott Kimber, at Stewart Filmscreen. The toll free number is 800-762-4999, Ext 145. He can send you some self adhesive velux to apply to the inside rim of the frame. The other solution, if you can live with the down time, We would be happy to velux the front and sides of your frame at the factory. The turn around time would be about 7 days with UPS shipping time.
Please advise.
Best Regards,

Jim Ferguson 09-22-2000 07:21 AM

Thanks Don. I'll call today. I should be able to manage to apply the Velux myself http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

Jim Ferguson 09-29-2000 12:44 PM

I just wanted to post a followup, and to thank Don and Scott at Stewart for sending me the Velux strips for my screen. Got the package this morning, and will be applying it tonight. Great service from a great company!

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