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mdowns 09-16-2000 09:05 PM

I want to ask the "Screen" brain trust a question. I'm sure you've encountered this before.
I have a 4X3 Draper screen, but would like a 16X9 instead, so has anyone tried a sheet of the 4X8 "bright white", material commonly found in the shower tile area of home improvement stores. A sheet, at $10 bucks, then backed with a sheet of plywood, another $10 bucks, then framed out, it could look pretty good. But would it work? Maybe this is too cheap, but what do ya think? MD

Jeffrey 09-18-2000 08:17 AM

Hold tight, mdowns. One of the guys who experiments with this stuff will come around to answer you question eventually.

The only thing that comes to my mind is that the finish on the product is probably glossy . You could likely turn it into a matte finish by sanding it lightly with 250 grit sand paper on a block, or D.A.


JohnJr 09-28-2000 01:59 PM

Hi mdowns,

We are indeed using this material for our screen, and as Jeffrey mentioned have sanded it down flat.

Last night we put up some draper and stewart screen swatches that we had requested from them, and to be honest did not see that much difference. If I had to guess, our $10 "screen" looked closest to the Videomatte 130 from stewart.

Overall, we have decided to stick with the $10 screen. It is light... we "cut" it to shape, it's smooth, and looks comparable to the other screen materials we have seen.


HarryB 09-28-2000 04:55 PM

for a few more $$$ you can order any size(custom) white laminant from Home Depot and I'm sure from 10 feet no one could tell the difference between that and 1.3 gain from any manufacturer.

I hope we can take the mystery out of screens. What manufacturers charge is a joke.

Harry Baggert

kelliot 09-29-2000 12:25 AM

Now where does one get grey laminate?

Ken Elliott

pcdoctor 09-29-2000 04:53 AM

How much does the custom white laminate from Home Depot cost?
Also, is it matte white?
What size screen do I need for a 110" 16:9 diagonal screen?

My HT To Be

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Jeffrey 09-29-2000 07:34 AM

Originally posted by pcdoctor:

What size screen do I need for a 110" 16:9 diagonal screen?



HarryB 09-29-2000 01:48 PM

I think you shoudle be able to do the math once you figure out aspect ratios.

ntsc 1.33
HDTV 1.78 - 16:9
letterbox 1.85?
cinimascope 2.35?

Laminate comes in hundreds of colors

even a 5'x10' sheet should be under $100.

A light grey or white should look excellent.
Also laminate is nearly indestructable. So much so if your watching the superbowl or good boxing match and your friends start throwing beer bottles at it... well, no worries.

Lets see Da-lite, Stewart, or Vutec match that.

Harry Baggert

CINERAMAX 09-29-2000 08:33 PM

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I had thought about formica but on the quest to find a cinerama like perforated white plastic screen I have found a Holy Site!

Surely one of these will match a movie theater perf screen array. in which case a curved perf screen becomes a viable opportunity.

The Artist formerly known as PANARAMAX.....

Video 10-01-2000 09:21 PM


Let us know what you end up ordering, what it costs, and how it works.


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