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Forrest 09-23-2000 02:06 PM

Anyone have any experience with these? And the differences? Are either of these "sparkly"? Thanks-Forrest.

Don Stewart 09-28-2000 01:38 PM

The difference between Videomatte 200 and Ultramatte 200 are as follows:

The Ultramatte is available in 40 foot by 90 foot seamless sheets
The Videomatte maximum sealess size is 8 foot by 30 foot.
The Ultramtte is 2.0 gain and the videomatte is 1.8 gain.
The Ultramatte has a finer finish and is can resolve over 30 line pairs per millimeter. The videomatte is about 22 line pairs per millimeter. Both materials are the same price. The lead time on ultramtte is a little longer.
Finally...I have Ulatramatte 250 in my house with a CRT projector...But soon to be replaced with a single lens projector.

Don O'Brien 09-28-2000 04:40 PM

Mr. Stewart I am curious what projector would cause you to change from a the classic "tripple tube" to a single lens.

Don O

Don Stewart 09-28-2000 05:32 PM

Dear Mr O'Brien,
I am not throwing away my CRT projector...its just going in the closet for a while.
I see LCD's, DLP's and other projectors in the lab everyday. But to really evaluate the strengths and weakness of a projector, it is more educational to live with that projector for a while....... I guess its kind of like a woman.

I will go with the G11 and the maybe even a Sony VPL HT 10.

kelliot 09-28-2000 08:01 PM

Dave (and Don)
Use a bright projector to watch football on Sunday afternoon with the shades open in LA.

You'll instantly want a grey screen. (or equivalent).

Ken Elliott

Don Stewart 10-02-2000 06:50 PM

Dear Dean,
The Videomatte 200 color temperature is approx. 5800 degrees Kelvin when using a 6500 degree light source. This tends to warm up the image a little and is a subjective like or dislike...Kind of like subjective preferences with audio speakers.
The Ultramatte 200 is about 100 degrees plus or minus of your light source.
Most professional installations use Ultramatte 200 when in need of a moderately high gain screen.

CINERAMAX 10-02-2000 08:36 PM

2 Attachment(s)
A G11 or a wh 10? You are a fine ladd, a very accomodating supplier, and have been consistently associated, in one way or another, with the state of the art in large screen presentations.

Your lecture on quote:" PUBLIC VIDEO", which you visionarily described in CEDIA 93, has unquestionably the biggest potential to instantly empower society to an exponentially gargantuan level of information awareness; visually, the most effective way. I have a high respect of you because of that. Little did I know that what I envied the most of Jean Luc Pickard, the view of EARTH. Would be available, hopefully not individually, but for a group's pleasure and intelectual enrichment. I know that the blackhawk has been brewing in your since then, then comes nasa with the HD earth-kam (half english, half russian). These are very exiting times indeed.

I also have a high respect of you for your involvement with the TORUS.

Which Joe & Joel killed for HT applications without any valid justification. 9 inch CRT projection without a Torus is like a PC without a hard drive. It is not too late Don. Do not rule the parabola out.

Alan Biener Dissapeared from the face of the Earth, that means that there are no commercially available options for curved screens in aspect ratios wider than 1.77. You never saw the 2.8 gain 11 foot wide white Torus image, you still can. It is still fabulous.

For the reader:
[The TORUS screen was normally sold in a silver surface with gain of 3.5] After installing the silvery bright screen for my first torus installation i noticed the whites were silver. The second torus came in it's aluminium surface had been crinkled. We gave it a few weeks to see if the screen would stretch, Don had already offered a replacement...
During those 2 weeks of setup my client and I decided that silver was not the right color, we then asked sigma to design the highest gain possible to achieve the brightest 5600 kelvin image. Don came up with a 2.8.

I still have to see a crt image (barco 1200hd)that appears as three dimensional.

But because no one has seen it, not even DON,and the demonstration's during 1994 stereophile were sabbotaged by Joe, Joel & widescreen review, thousands of doctors and businessmen have been shafted with inmensely inferior screen technology.]

But the ressistance to the widespread implementation of the TORUS did not come fromn you DON. Your Freaking gutt instinct made the TORUS a reality. It must be revisited, in a solid perf form perhaps.

Our eyes are not cubes, they are balls. The Parabollic fitted Screen fills a subconcious need for which I could die fighting for. You were right when you went in with sigma. By jolly Don, Stewart's associations with THX and ISF have only produced backtracking of the state of the projection visual art. Obi Wan trust your feelings. The force is strong in you.

You are saying that you are going to replace your CRT with a DILA or wh10.

'Fraid not my friend. I cannot allow you to be guided down the path of mediocrity. Your destiny is to tell people what projector /screen to buy, not the other way around.

So, sell the Hatteras or the Lotus. You have a social responsibility that GOD has granted you, to develop the finest large screen images in the age of large screen images. Unfortunately, God has given me a mandate too, and he told me to keep your progress in check. : ) Obi wan.

We have much to do, either Mohammed goes to the Mountain, or the Montain will go to Mohammed.

[This message has been edited by CINERAMAX (edited 10-02-2000).]

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