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budiman 10-03-2000 07:11 AM

Hi all.

I remember a long time ago, someone pointed to a site that has these large sized canvases for sale, which can be used as a projection screen. I couldn't find that post again. If anyone can point me to a place that sells canvas (already stretched and framed), around 90-100 inch in diagonal length (4:3), please let me know. I know I have to paint the screen - I don't mind.

Thank you.
Muljadi Budiman.

KBK 10-05-2000 09:12 AM

Artist supply shops will have frames in that size range avalible for immediate purchase. SOme stores will have stretched, canvased and pre-gessoed (gesso caoted surface on the canvas-primed for painting) up aproxximately 48"x96", or 4x8 ft. canvas sizes. You can pre-order a canvas from one of these shops, USUALLY....

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