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sstieferman 10-05-2000 02:07 PM

Just wondering if anyone out there in the diy world has ever tried to make a screen out of the reflective paint that the US DOT uses in road signs?

It should be pretty easy, but I'm having no luck finding the "paint". Anyone have any ideas?

I'm thinking a good coat of this stuff on top of a SW luminous white might be perfect. I've shot my 400q on a larger sign, but I think the metal sheet below made it too reflective, creating a hot spot. If I could bring down the "temperature" of the underlayment with either gray paint or a flat white, I think this just might work out.

How 'bout this, are there any jail birds around here that have ever sprayed this stuff or the reflective coating that's used on liscense plates? I know the white plates in texas have this coating...

Any info would be appreciated....

KBK 10-07-2000 10:44 PM

The reflective coating material is availible in sheet and roll form fom graphic supply shops. you have to go to the guys who make the signs.

When you get there, you will find that it is availible in max heights of, if i remember, 24-30 inches or so. There are other problems within the different types availible. I have done extensive searches, and have looked just about everywhere it is possible to look. 3M stuff, of course. Tough guys to deal with.

I have purchased the raw glass bead material, and tried it imbedded in paints, and on the surface of a material.

if you have ever spead a thin layer of pure granular brown sugar on a toast, then you will have an idea how they make da-lite high power. It is the glass bead surface one if I remember correctly.

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