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DRS's Avatar DRS 08:48 AM 10-15-2000
Looking to purchase a 16:9 pull down screen for a LCD projector. I have about a 60" by 60" area to work with, my maximum width is 72" though.
There a quite a few auctions on ebay but thought I would check here before I put any money down. I _really_ do not want to spend more than $200, thanks for any info...

BTW the power of the projector is about 600 Lumens with S-video and it will be sitting roughly 14' away.

gordf's Avatar gordf 04:34 PM 10-16-2000
Although this is a competitor ---I don't believe AVS has any screens in this price range---cousins video have a number of manual pull downs in that price range. I have purchased a similar one used from a fellow member here and it works fairly well, but when the finances allow I will purchase a tab-tensioned one. Flatter screen=better picture...