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CCLAY's Avatar CCLAY 07:05 PM 10-16-2000
Is it possible to paint a screen that would consantly be rolled up and down? I use a 4 x 8 piece of masonite now painted a very light shade of grey and I love it on my G11. Makes blacks look a heck of a lot better.

Thanks, Chris

wireburn's Avatar wireburn 07:06 AM 10-17-2000
I would also like information on which paint to apply to a "windowshade" type pulldown mask. KBK, do have any recommendations on what easy to apply locally available black matte paint to use for a roll-up application?

Can I get blackout shades in the 96" width I need?

KBK's Avatar KBK 08:05 PM 10-18-2000
Pratt and lambert manufactures a paint that is used in the film industry for black masking in film work. It is used because it is found virtually everywhere, and is of a superior grade. It is so black and matte, that it 'whites' when you handle it. Availible as a matte black at your local Pratt&Lambert paint dealer.

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wireburn's Avatar wireburn 05:56 AM 10-19-2000

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