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lawdawg 10-19-2000 11:41 AM

Okay, this is probably dumb, and I'm sure you will all tell me about it, but....What are the odds that placing a grey filter over/in front of the projector lens will work to give increased black level perception? Like a 5% percent grey film or something greater/lower maybe? It would cut down on the light output, but a sufficently powerfull projector could compensate for this, yes?

Adam Litchy

noah katz 10-19-2000 04:47 PM

No problem, it's already been done. However, it doesn't do anything to reduce the effect of ambient light on the screen, whereas a gray screen will.


lawdawg 10-19-2000 06:32 PM


So does this mean it actually has a postive effect on black level without screwing up the rest of the image? Ambient light is not a consideration in my environment. So if that is the only downside, I should be cool.

Adam Litchy

noah katz 10-19-2000 09:08 PM


Yes, it's the same as if the bulb itself were putting out less light (but still the same color).


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