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Jerry 10-20-2000 05:33 AM


I've got a Dalite Electrol screen (mat white) and am considering replacing it with the 1.5 gain video screen. Is it possible to order just the material and replace it myself or would I be better off selling this one and buying another?

Thanks, Jerry

Jeffrey 10-20-2000 07:21 AM

Hi Jerry

It is possible to order just the screen material. Dalite representatives are very helpful, on the phone. A dealer will have to order it for you. I think AVS is a Dalite dealer, even though the products are not on their web site.


Paul K 10-20-2000 09:17 AM

It is not only possible, but recommended by me. I did just that and was able to get the exact type of screen in the exact size I wanted. By ordering fabric with grommetts around the perimeter, I was able to create a screen that is tight, like a drum, and thus super flat and wrinkle free. See my construction pics here


wireburn 10-20-2000 01:08 PM

It is interesting to note that Dalite charges more (actually MUCH more) for the material alone than when installed in a screen. For instance, I got a quote for Hi Power material in 92x52 for four-hundred-something dollars. I can buy the same screen in a Model B for just $255 shipped.

I have also heard, but can't confirm, that the rolls used on the model B are interchangeable with the ones used on the Cosmo Electrols. This means that you could replace your Electrol screen material with a roll from a model B for about half what it would cost to purchase the replacement material alone.


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