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orangele 10-24-2000 07:30 PM

I have read good things about the Da-Lite High Power screen. I was wondering if owners could tell me at what viewing angle, does the gain start to noticably drop off. Thanks.

wireburn 10-25-2000 05:34 AM

Dalite quotes a 25 deg. "half angle" for this screen, which means that any viewing outside this 25 deg. "cone" will result in a 50% or more reduction in brightness. I am lucky in that all seats in my HT are within 15 deg. of optimal, so uniformity is not a problem.

The best setup to have with this material is a floor- or table-mounted projector and narrow seating area. I have a low ceiling in my basement so I can get away with ceiling-mounted CRT, but then there's the "head bump" factor...


KBK 10-25-2000 08:55 AM

BTW, Mike, How's the modified tuner card? I have never heard you rant about it.. I presume it is working as it should...

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wireburn 10-25-2000 10:10 PM

Don't want to go too far off topic here, but the card is fine and works great with dTV. I want to get a GeForce to get the real benefit from this setup, though.

TV is now quite tolerable on my 10' diag. HP!


akm3 10-25-2000 10:18 PM

I have the screen and I don't know the angle, but for me (Sony 10HT projector) sitting down causes the image to become "noticably" brighter, BUT not insanely brighter. Even very far off axis the picture is very bright (and uniform)
Going off axis isn't a sudden reduction in brightness, it is very smooth and gradual and even at almost 90 degrees the picture is still plenty bright.

It's great to have all this great gear. But I'd instead put all that money into software (Movies) I'd have SOMETHING TO WATCH ON ALL THIS GREAT GEAR. Doh!

Geordie 10-27-2000 02:58 AM

I am very happy with my Hi Power, but with my floor mounted 1272 and Hi Power screen there is a very SMALL sweet spot. The reason I am happy with that is because the worst that can happen is viewers not in the sweet spot (and it's only big enough for one) see a normal image like matt white provides, and usefully brighter if there are only a couple of them.

The gain drops off rapidly when you move either vertically or horizontally away from directly behind the projector. If I sit dead centre, low and behind the projector, then the people sitting immediately to my left and right on the couch will be watching a different image 'intensity'. It will be noticeably down on the sweet spot but still a useful improvement on matt white. Anyone to their side would be pretty much be looking at a matt white type image.

IMO this screen is definitely not for ceiling mounts unless the projector is a foot and a half above your head when seated (or lower).

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