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David600 10-29-2000 12:21 PM

I plan to get some samples from a local fabrics discount store and test them (image but especially how sound is affect; speakers are of horns type). I guess most will have holes small enough (way smaller than the high end perforated screen material I suppose, 0.5mm typical)to not disrupt the image while still allowing the sound to remain unaffected ( "sort of" http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif ) .
what's anyone's opinion on this ? any tricks to "tighten it" in a curving frame (two arcs made of wood + vertical wood bars on each side; maybe attach the fabric with a velcro system?) ? (size:3.5meter by 1.97m, 16:9)

thanks a lot!

Bill Lucas 10-29-2000 01:07 PM


No I don't think it will work but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't give it a try. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

The bigger question is, what type of display device are you using to drive that HUGE screen? If it is a CRT projector then you need to think again. You'll ruin the projector in a hurry. Regards.

David600 10-29-2000 01:59 PM

Well, it's first, experimenting and yes, it will be a CRT, probably a 801S. I think the gain in brightness and contrast from the curving will counterbalance the "dangerous" effect of running the CRT on this big screen. well, hoping.
but did you say that the fabric itself will not work ? for the sound or both the sound and the image ? or do you mean the way I intend to build it ? A guy I know who is in the ad filming, has a Barco 801S and he has one of the most beautiful image I ever saw (screen is small though, 70' diagonal) running it on a very poor, light grey fabric with the three main speakers behind it. sound is great, very life-like.


Bill Lucas 10-29-2000 05:49 PM


This is the last time I'll say it. That screen is TOO DAMN BIG for ANY CRT projector. Particularly one made of fabric with holes in it. Do yourself a favor and make a reasonably sized screen. 12 feet wide by 6 feet tall is simply too big, espcially for an acoustically transparent screen. I'm not flaming you but IMHO, you are considering a foolish decision.

David600 10-30-2000 02:03 AM


I know you're right, hey, for now I have an LCD and I want to test some fabric ( out of question I pay $3,000 for a micro-perforated screen) to see how the sound is affected. then, we'll see... I know you guys in the US generally have smaller screens than those often seen in France ( my point is that most of the screens in AVI for instance are of the standard 100" size while often in French HT mags, I more and more see screens of 120, 140 and 160" but I know the contrast and brigthness, since the CRT are not "pushed" for those screens, are significantly lower than those seen on the 100" screen for sure).

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