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power 10-28-2000 02:33 AM

just bought this model b screen and when i pull down the screen refuses to lock in any position, it just goes right back up. If any one knows what the problem is let me know please. Thanks


wireburn 10-28-2000 05:06 AM

I've never had this happen, but just off the top of my head I think you could try pulling the screen down rapidly to get the cam to fly out to the lock position. Just a guess.


Madhav Panwar 11-03-2000 01:13 PM

I had a similar problem but finally now it is fully retracted. However it will now not go back in no matter how much I tug and try to get it back. Well at least the screen is all the way down.

power 11-05-2000 02:17 AM

i got it. I had to tilt the screen all the way to get it to lock into position, whenever i would pull straight down or at at a minimum angle the screen absolutely refused to lock at any interval.


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