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Tom Blake 10-31-2000 11:25 AM

Hi All,

I just recieved my new 10HT from MVS yesterday. It looks good, with only 1 stuck pixel and no hotspotting or blobs. I can't wait to get it setup once my room is ready (a few weeks away). I'm still struggling over what screen to order and was hoping, I could get some help from the experts here. Following are the particulars of my installation:

- 106" diagonal, 16:9 screen
- Ceiling mounted 10HT
- Room has 9ft. ceilings, and the top of the image will be about 7.5 ft. above the floor.
- Must have an electric roll down screen. Screen must be opaque, as my wife will object to painting the white wall behind the screen a dark color.
- I have decent control over ambient light, but cannot get the room totally dark during the day. I do most of my critical viewing at night, so this isn't a big issue.

I have been considering the following screen materials:

Da-Lite High Power: still uncertain if this would be a good choice for me with my ceiling mount. I have a friend who has the High Power screen with a floor mounted 10HT and it looks good.

Da-Lite High Contrast Da-Mat: a new 0.8 gain gray screen that is said to improve black level. Da-Lite recommends running with Cinema Black "off" with this screen so the projector has full output for the low gain screen. Not wild about this due to the increased bulb costs and fan noise. I've seen a lot of positive reports of gray screens with digital projectors, however, so this could be an intriguing option. See this thread for more info on HC Da-Mat http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/Forum14/HTML/000788.html

Stewart UltraMatte 130: opaque version of StudioTek 130. Probably the best choice, but a lot more expensive than Da-Lite. Would probably provide better compatability with a future projector, should I choose to upgrade.

If anyone has suggestions on which material I should go with, I would greatly appreciate it!!


Tom Blake 11-01-2000 07:39 PM

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the reply! I too would be interested in hearing from any 10HT owners that are using Da-Lite Video Spectra or Cinema Vision. I'm currently leaning towards just going for the Stewart, but the Da-Lite solution would save me $1K, or more. I think something around 1.3 gain would be perfect for my viewing environment. I have samples on the way from both Stewart and Da-Lite. I'd be interested in what you end up deciding to do!


Gregory 11-02-2000 06:25 PM

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Hi Andrew and Tom,

I do not own a projector...yet, but I have auditioned some and here is what I found. First of all, the projectors that I looked at were the Sony VPL-400, Runco VX-1C and the Sharp zw99 - the model number may not be exactly right, but you know what they are.

The Da-Lite Cinema Vision 1.3 gain and the Video Spectra 1.5 gain exhibited a sparkly appearance, sort of like glitter. These screens were 52"x92" screens at a viewing distance from 10'-17'. I brought my Da-Lite and Stewart screen samples in and held them up. As expected, the 2 above mentioned screen samples had the sparklies. The Da-Matt, High Power, Super Wonder Lite and some of the other Da-Lite screens which I can't remember and all Stewart samples did not exhibit the sparklies. One thing that jumped out at me was how vibrant and saturated the colors were on the Stewart Studio Tech 130 sample.

Another point is that a Runco CRT projector did not exhibit the sparklies on the same exact screen.

I just want to bring this issue up so that you can become aware of it. I personally would not buy those screens, because the sparklies annoy me greatly. Check it out and determine if it's an issue.

Have fun,


kelliot 11-02-2000 07:13 PM

Gray screens help LCDs immensely. The Sony would definitely benefit based on my experience with my NEC and observations of the Sony.

Important considerations are screen uniformity and projector brightness. The HC DaMat might be pretty good, but its too early to tell. If Stewart or KBK move a little faster they could also be options.

And there is always Home Depot and Joanne Fabrics.

Ken Elliott

steve5097 11-03-2000 07:55 PM

For your screen size (about 35 ft2) and a 10HT tuned for best overall picture (maybe 800 lumens at full power), a lambertian, unity gain screen would give you about 20 foot-lamberts, which should be fine for a pretty dark room. A 1.3 gain screen would give you a little leeway for ambient light, and 1.5 or more gain might allow you to use the low power (cinema black) setting. A grey screen is a bit dicey for a 1000 lumen (spec, not useable) projector at this screen size, but depending on personal preference, how white your walls are, etc., could be a good choice. I know this isn't much of an answer, but there are too many variables to draw simple conclusions, especially since your combination is kind of borderline among the available choices.


Tom Blake 11-06-2000 12:34 PM


I have the samples from Stewart. Still waiting on the package from Da-Lite. I hope to be able to make some comparisons this weekend. In my chosen screen size of 106" diagonal 16:9 format, a Stewart tab-tensioned screen is around $1.5K for manual pull-down, and around $2.6K for motorized. These prices are discounted from MSRP, and are typical of deals you'd find from several Internet dealers. The Da-Lite tesnioned Cosmo Electrol with Cinema Vision material is about $1K cheaper than the Stewart. I'll let you know what I decide to go with.


arosenbaum 11-06-2000 01:42 PM

I have a DaLite high-power (and a 10HT mounted on the ceiling) and am happy with my choice. I have better color and blacks being able to keep the brightness down (and use cinema black all the time which cuts bulb costs) but am also able to use the projector for sports with lots of light. I have a usable image (when standing up) with lots of sunlight! I may have given up some quality for movie viewing in pitch-black, but I love being able to use the projector with ambient light. Basically the light from my ceiling cans is not reflected back at all while the projector light reflects with gain - seems to work great.


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