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pcdoctor 11-05-2000 10:25 PM

I just purchased 3 yards of curtain blackout from Joann's yesterday.
$2.99 per yard.
I found a %50 coupon in my Sunday paper.
The coupon is valid 11/5 - 11/11.
Regular price is $5.99 per yard.

Fabric cost $9.42 (3 yards)
Frame cost $11.00 (cheap pine)
I purchased (6) 8 feet wood planks from Home Depot.
These (6) 8 feet wood planks were bundled together.

Total $20.42


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bwolff 11-06-2000 04:12 AM

What width did they have??/


Jeffrey 11-06-2000 07:16 AM


The JoAnn blackout fabric is 54" wide


pcdoctor 11-06-2000 08:23 AM

Newspaper: Atlanta Journal/Constitution.
They made have the ad paper at the store.
A lot of stores carry the sales ad in their store.
Ask one of the sales people if you can have a sale ad.

I'm going to make my screen 52"x92" so I won't really lose anything.
I really wanted 54x96 but I'll settle for 52"x92"


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joems 11-06-2000 10:56 AM


I made one of these screens in 53x96.

As I was stretching/stapleing the fabric, I realized I could have made my frame 54x96. The material has enough stretch to make it the extra inch.


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Carey P 11-06-2000 11:43 AM

I have mine stapled directly to the wall for the moment, to compare to my Draper M2500 electric screen which comes down right in front of it. It's amazing the difference! Sure the picture is a little dimmer and the contrast suffers some, but it no longer looks like you're projecting on a screen. There is no sense of a screen in the picture! This is most important for me. Seeing a screen, is just like adding artifacts to the picture. Nice and smooth sky's and faces, etc. Got some black felt to play with a border for now, until I make a frame and then sell my Draper. Plan to compare to Dalite HC gray too, when the sample arrives.
- Carey

David Fisk 11-06-2000 12:42 PM

I'm using the blackout fabric from joann's myself. I did end up with one small imperfection off to one side. You can see it if you look just right with the right lighting, but it's invisible under normal viewing conditions.

Carey, I was thinking of using felt for a border, but picked up some 2 3/4" black velvet ribbon at A.C. Moores (a craft shop). Man, does that stuff suck up light like a black hole!


TGroom 11-07-2000 06:23 AM

I just picked some up this last weekend. I won't have time to build it for a few weeks though. I think it would be helpful to all if we could snap some pics of the building process for others. Just curious to know what you guys are using for frame material. I think I will go with brick moulding to give it a slight shadowbox look. It is also a little heavier so hopefully it will keep the bowing to a minimum.


Carey P 11-07-2000 04:44 PM

Thanks for the ribbon idea. Sounds like you can get a good clean edge with that. I already bought some felt (amazing how cheap felt is!). I made a foot wide border all around, but down to the baseboard at the bottom. It shows no light reflection at all and really enhances the picture! Since I couldn't get a clean edge on two of the cut strips - I used them on the sides and folded the edge that meets up with the picture edge to make it clean. Nice thing about felt is that you can push it around a little to make it perfect and it has that static cling.

It's amazing that it only takes a good staple gun with only a few 8 or 10 mm staples to put the blackout fabric up (with a little stretch) and the felt border. I played Lost World while installing the felt border to get a perfect match to the 16:9 image after setting the zoom so that the width was at 96". I don't even have a frame and it looks like a professional theatre screen on the wall! The very slight bumpiness of the wall behind it is not at all noticeable. I'm using the Sharp DW100U at about 14ft ceiling mounted.


kelliot 11-09-2000 07:46 PM

Look in your junk mail. I just got a 40% off coupon good through 11/7.

Ken Elliott

KBK 11-10-2000 06:19 PM

Yep, I understand the effect of artifacts in the image caused by the screen itself. I really hate that. I will not tolerate a product that does so.

---Place Signature Here---

Health Nut 11-10-2000 07:12 PM

I made black Curtains from JoAnn fabrics...

I had a woman sew rod pockets and a 4 inch hem .. $70.00 labor, to cover all 4 walls in black curtains .. very affordable, reference Black Levels.
The best thing is the WALLS can even be white underneath..it doesn't matter. Very good when you go to sell a house. I rent an apartment so it was even more necessary.. Surprised more people don't do this..


Ken Wong 11-14-2000 06:14 PM

Which blackout fabric did you buy at Joann's? Is it this one
show on their web site:


Is this fabric vinyl coated?


David Fisk 11-14-2000 07:06 PM

I'm not sure if that is the same or not. I was just looking through the store and found a seemingly generic blackout fabric. It is somewhat more cloth like on one side, the other is smoother, but not as smooth as pure vinyl. Comparing it to a 8.5x11 sample of Draper's M1300 it probably has a gain of around 1.0


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