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Emil Naepflein's Avatar Emil Naepflein 10:06 PM 11-12-2000

I had temporarily taped something to the screen area. After removing I see that there is still glue at the screen which causes annoying reflections. I have tried to remove the glue with soap and water but had no success.
Is it allowed to use acetone or does this damage the screen?
The Da-Mat screen is out of vinyl.


Stuigi's Avatar Stuigi 02:56 PM 11-14-2000
I would call dalite for that info. Better off getting the info right from the ole horses mouth

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Steve13's Avatar Steve13 04:54 AM 11-17-2000
In the states, there are several citrus based products that are great for taking off adhesive. Don't know if the brands will be the same, but here we have "Goo Gone" and De-Solv It".

You might want to have Da-lite send you a sample of the same screen material and you can experiment on the sample, rather than your actual screen.


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Paul K's Avatar Paul K 08:51 AM 11-17-2000
I would be EXTREMELY careful. I have a DaLite Pearlescent screen, which is a vinyl backed screen. I had a tiny dot on the screen which I attempted to remove with a damp paper towel. Well, I ended up removing the reflective material. When I bought the screen originally, it was supposed to be washable, but DaLite has since changed their description of the screen and now states that it is NOT washable. Be careful. If you inadvertentaly cause the same damage as I did, DaLite will be NO help. I am sure that I could repair the quarter sized area that I damaged, but DaLite will NOT provide the reflective material to customers.

Emil Naepflein's Avatar Emil Naepflein 06:16 AM 11-18-2000

thank you very much for your answers. In the meantime I got the following response from Da-Lite:
You can use mild soap and water. (like Lux or Ivory)
If this doesn't remove it, try an artist eraser or denatured alcohol
which you can buy at a hardware store.

Soap an water and denaturated alcohol does certainly not work. I also got a response from someone which told me not to use solvent because it will remove the coating.

Currently it looks already slightly better, but it can still been seen. I don't know what I should do next. If I am more aggressive I may damage the coating and I will certainly see this.

Either I have to live with this or get a new screen.

Lesson learned: Never, never stick anything to your screen.

Philosofy's Avatar Philosofy 08:28 AM 11-18-2000
OK, try this: when it gets cold, adhesives get more brittle. Get some "canned air" at an office supply store. (That's the stuff they use to spray the dust and dirt out of keyboards.) Then give the screen a good spray: this will act like a refrigerant. See if the adhesive pulls off then. Also try different types of alchohol. Methanol and Ethanol are a stronger solvent than IsoPropyl Alcohol.

Good Luck!

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