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CINERAMAX 12-17-2000 09:24 PM

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I had the pleasure of Installing two TORUS screens in Home Systems back in 1993.

The complexity of Installation understandingly has clouded Stewart's perception of the screen's strategic overwhelming superiorities which yield this monster as the: PRIMORDIAL NECESSITY AMONG SCREENs. The mother of all screens....

First the good news.. The prices have fallen by 20%.

Second, It works with DILA & DLP. Maybe it can be manufactured in a more cost effective way.

Differences in TD of only 5 feet ( the same distance in speaker placement of an optimal hollophonic multi speaker array, Meridian/aurora), according To Gearald Nash "TORUS BIG KAHUNNA", of 5 feet in throw distances, when asked aboout 15, 20, and 15 feet TD requires 3 separate ray trace productions of screen design. That's serious stuff. Deep.

In the past I assumed that a curved screen could serve any living room.

NOT SO a separate screen has to be ray trayced for at leat every 5 foot increment of focal distance. Now We are getting somewhere said clouseau...

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CINERAMAX 12-17-2000 09:35 PM

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But why rely on the curvature of the surface when a HOLLOGRAPHIC SURFACE wiill enhance the TORUS efffect?
http://www.avfg.com./ at the bottom..

Hollo Pro, I know it says rearscreen... but not necessarily so.

The Hollographic Audience Optimised Torus of the Future remains the last frontier of screen design.

See also (Thanks NOAH):
Notice where it says Ideally suited for Compund curved screens.

That is where the TORUS shall go.

The production changes that must happen for cost effectiveness in filling the public demand is another thread...

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KBK 12-18-2000 07:48 AM

And, I am sure that the 5 foot thing is only a COMPROMISE, and that there is only one perfect throw distance for each design. It would also require a specific lens type, and would have to be optimized for each projector type.

For simplicity's sake, and with an eye to the future, a single lens design screen seems to be the obvious choice.

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noah katz 12-18-2000 12:15 PM

You're welcome, Peter.

Just out of curiosity (I'm an RP kind of guy), what is the difference in depth between the frontmost and rearmost points on, say, a 10-ft wide screen?



Dean McManis 12-18-2000 01:12 PM


Sounds like an interesting material to use for the torus screen, but at their listed pricing a 13' wide screen like mine would cost over $20K just for the material. Wow!

Nevertheless, it would be interesting to hear how the holographic material works out in real life in a torus screen application.

Of course the next evolution is a high resolution flexible material that IS the imaging display. There are several products undergoing testing now from 1280 X 1024 2" wide flexible strips for headset use, to 60" rollout sheet/displays. But it's hard to say when these products will hit the market.


CINERAMAX 12-18-2000 01:21 PM

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One Torus in a room 16 by 22, was 11 feet wide, aspect ratio of 1.5.

1.5 compromise made for a 3 foot high, Synthesis One 12 foot wide speaker array.

The Butchered aspect ratio came compliment of Pioneer Elite which feature 1.5 ar, for many years.

The torus FRAME is like a GIANT PICTURE FRAME attached to the wall.

Assume a picture frame that is shaped like a hood. The widest dimension of the Hood Shaped Frame goes against the wall,you have a reverse hood, cut out the radii that has been pencil traced on all four sides of the
11 feet wide screen shaping shell. Use round plastic extrusions (pool supply) at all points of screen contact with shell. Use putty on corners to have a sealed screen (suction).

The screen was 11 wide at the projection borders. Which was deepest point at 1 foot + 2 to 3 inches.

The center of the sucked in spinnaker was 9 inches, about 4 inches of focal depth variance. But it seems like more.

Rear projection is for a very special breed of rooms. All I want to do is to put a system that is INVISIBLE UNTIL SUMMONED.

Not for me, but for the Millions of Ultra luxurios modest sised condominiums down here, we want to preserve the OCEAN VIEW and have the big screen too.

The closest possible thing to the best optical rearscreens in front projection is a TORUS, A SIGMA RAY TRACE designed Parabola.

A TORUS FOR HOME THEATER (Single Lens) that is 100 wide 2.35 aspect ratio,
can be Injection Formed,Instead.

Empowering The HT aficionado in everyone, to install an invisible supersystem. Yes the screen would pop out of a credensa.
to enhance it with a

CINERAMAX 12-18-2000 01:32 PM

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The Every five foot, different Product thing came from the horses mouth.

That is why I am writing this.

Because no one better that DON stewart can make this happen.

By producing a range of Vertically Deployable Injection Molded 100" wide 235 Anamorphic Screens (maybe Holographic option), a really great image is guaranteed with ALL forms projection. The single biggest improvement for 9 inch crt projection as I know of....

The Artist formerly known as PANARAMAX.....

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