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DRS 12-14-2000 01:53 PM

Argh! I never thought that moving to a FP setup would have so many troubles...

My appox. 2 month old Dalite High Power Model B has developed a dark vertical band that runs from top to bottom. It is not noticable at first glance but others have mentioned it to me (how embarrising) after about 5-10 minutes. When the projector is off it can still be seen so it is not a problem with the projector. The screen is wall mounted and is flush against the wall. Is there anything that can be done? BTW If I go up very close and examine it the screen appears to be wavy from the side. It almost seems that if there was a way to tension it the problem might go away. Thanks for any help.

System info: Native XGA LCD FP, Dalite 57X77 HP, P3 700, Geforce 2, PowerDVD 3.00.1021

wireburn 12-15-2000 04:13 AM

So is the problem in the material or does it just look dark because of the waves creating a darker valley? I have no streaks in my HP screen, but you've got me worried now. Is the problem still there when the projector is on?


DRS 12-15-2000 07:08 AM

Yes the problem is there when the projector is off. Again, like I said the material is wavy when viewed from the side. So I tend to think it is because the material is not tensioned properly that I am getting peaks and valleys. Tonight I may take down the screen and lay it flat to see if the problem is still there.

System info: Native XGA LCD FP, Dalite 57X77 HP, P3 700, Geforce 2, PowerDVD 3.00.1021

Mark Hoy 12-15-2000 10:11 AM

Stand back and view the dark area. Have someone pull on the edge/bottom/etc and see if the dark area 'moves'. If so, it's
a wrinkle.

Sony: SAT-B3, DTC-100,STR-DA777ES Receiver
Toshiba: SD-3109 DVD
Proscan 27" TV
B&W: DM601, CC6, DS6B, 800ASW speakers

DRS 12-15-2000 10:41 AM

If it is a wrinkle what is the usual course of action?

Vadim 12-15-2000 10:15 PM


Hmm...you got me worried. I have a 116x65 Hi-Power Model C screen. After reading your post I spent nearly 30 minutes looking at it from different angles. No real wrinkles as far as I could see. There is a tiny bit of a barely discernable wave pattern on the very bottom of the screen in the vertical direction for about 4-5 inches localized in one spot only. It can only be seen from a very acute angle, but that is all. It would make me think that your screen perhaps has a manufacturing defect. I think you need to talk to Da-Lite.

Good Luck,

Mark II 12-18-2000 01:50 PM

Well I guess I can welcome myself along with you. I have just called Da-Lite today because of the same problem.
I have a 92" diag HD format Model C with CSR. I noticed from day 1 a series of wavy lines a the bottom leading to one or two big ones as you move up the screen and to the left corner. Mine is so bad that when the picture is panning across the screen it looks like it's doing the wave.

Da-lite was Very Helpful. They immediately took responsibility, said it was definitely unusable as I described it. They will replace it free while I keep the old one until the new one arrives. Da-lite said it could've been damaged during shipping but nether the less would still fully replace the screen. I do however have to go through my local dealer and as of yet, have not received a call from them.

Many theater experts recommend a tab tensioned screen to avoid this somewhat common problem. To me though the tab tensioned screens look dorky and I belive if a non tabbed screen is built right it will work fine.

Mark II

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