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Paul Chiu 12-29-2000 05:16 AM

Please post your experience on setting up your IBM-PC or Apple Powermac with HDTV reception.

I currently have the 22" Apple Cinema display with the dual 500MHZ Powermac and a Dell P3 PC driving a 21" Sony flat CRT monitor.

I have had zero luck setting up HDTV reception on these units.

Dean McManis 12-29-2000 11:21 PM


Unfortunately, you picked the wrong forum for this question.
The screens forum isn't about monitor-type screens, but front projector fabric-type screens.

You will get the best response to this question in the Home Theater Computers forum, with additional info in the HDTV forum.

Unfortunately, the Macs don't have a HD decoder/tuner available so far, and currently the only shipping PC HD decoder/tuner so far is the HiPix card which has been vigorously reviewed here in the other forums.


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